The Secret in the Woods: Jay

Jay has spent her life always feeling like the odd one out. Well, she is, no denying that, what with her powers, but that doesn't make trying to live a normal life any easier. Especially because she is constantly jumping from one foster home to the other. One day, she experiences something amazing and terrifying that will change her life forever... and she's not alone.


4. In Trouble Now

       We had to stop for food and we had very little money so we settled for McDonald’s. Once we had eaten, we walked behind the restaurant and were about to take off when we saw it again. The creepy thing that took Ellie. The four of us had decided to call them minions. This minion looked stronger and like he would be harder to beat this time.

    All of us pulled out our weapons and were about to spring into battle when the minion broke down then re-assembled itself into four smaller, but just as strong copies of the big one. I looked around at the other girls, and they all seemed prepared.  “EACH TAKE ONE!” Serena called. I turned to the one closest to me and said, “You’re mine.” in such a menacing voice that the minion took a step back. 

    I lunged at the minion and started slashing with my sword. He tried to use a taser on me, but it only gave me more energy. Eventually he got a punch in at my lip and I felt it split under the pressure. The taste of my own blood made me really angry. During the second of shock that followed his strike, he had managed to disarm me. I quickly charged my fists with electricity and with each punch, used the wind to push him. He froze in his tracks. I looked around at my other partners and saw that theirs had stopped too. 

    The minions re-booted and each became the anti-power of us. Amber’s was dripping with water while Lily’s began to spew polluted air, making her gag. Mine re-made itself with dirt and was constantly shifting shapes. The faces were changing to everyone who had ever been mean to me before. The one that made me the most mad was the face of Miss. Reyna. She was the witch that had put me in the worst foster homes possible. She always made sure that my life was a misery. I got the opportunity to be adopted a few times, but she convinced the people otherwise.

    Since I control electricity, sometimes I can feel how electronics and other mechanical things work. I felt a shift in their gears. I knew we had three seconds to get out of there before they self-destructed. “FLY AWAY FAST!!!!” I hollered. I was very proud of how fast our group got airborne. BA BA BOOOOOOOOMMM!!!!!!!! The minions exploded with a brain-rattling sound.

    As we flew off into the distance I looked back and saw the charred mess that used to be a McDonald’s parking lot. Now, it had a huge crater in the middle of it and part of the building was on fire.

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