The Secret in the Woods: Jay

Jay has spent her life always feeling like the odd one out. Well, she is, no denying that, what with her powers, but that doesn't make trying to live a normal life any easier. Especially because she is constantly jumping from one foster home to the other. One day, she experiences something amazing and terrifying that will change her life forever... and she's not alone.


5. In the Belly of the Beast

“We need to stop for more food.” Lily declared. “No kidding,” Serena agreed with a wide-eyed look at me. “We’d better get Jay some food before she causes a tornado.” Every time my stomach growled, thunder would rumble scaring the living daylights right out of everyone.  

    We had decided on a little Indian food restaurant in the middle of nowhere hoping that it would make us harder to find. What most people don’t realize is that when someone is looking for you and knows that people on the run go to places in the middle of nowhere, they will check there. Since you are the only thing for miles round, it’s kinda easy to be found. We learned that the hard way when a mysterious man approached our table.

    When I saw him approaching, I stood and pointed a finger at him then exclaimed loudly, “Creeper alert!!!!” The man just chuckled then threw a ball at Serena who dodged it easily saying, “Hey! Watch it!” The ball shot out four weighted, barbed wire nets that even I couldn’t break through. Then it dawned on me. This man was Sarin!

    Sarin got some of his minions to haul us to the waiting helicopter. They smelled like blood and just threw us in the back as if we were sacks of potatoes. I heard the click of an air lock closing and fought a losing battle to stay conscious as the sickly-sweet smell of knockout gas filled our chamber.

    “Lily, stop. I thought you were done pranking me.” I mumbled sleepily. All the memories of a few hours ago came flooding into my brain. I shot to my feet and looked around. I was in a glass box that was filling with soil. My wings were pinned to the wall and the dirt was getting into my feathers. I immediately felt claustrophobic. I looked beyond my own tube only to find out that the other girls were in a very similar situation: each of us was in a box that contained our anti-elements.

    This angered me so I started sparking and using my powers. I tried to use lightning but that didn’t work. I summoned winds that could’ve knocked a whole building over. After several depressing attempts, I had to settle to the grim realization that I was going to die in here. The soil was now up to my hips and I had no idea if I could fly again because it was damaging my primary feathers.

    For some reason, the soil stopped flowing. I thought I had finally gone insane, but I turned to look into the box next to me. Lily had stopped the sand! I quickly got the message to stop the acid-rain in hers. Once everybody’s tortures had ended, we could easily bust out.

    Some of the things we saw were horrific. I found out that they actually experimented on children here. There were some kids with wings, like me, and some were covered in oozing warts. It was going to give me nightmares for the rest of my life. Then, I heard rushed footsteps coming from down the hall. “Run ahead, I can take them!” I whispered harshly to the girls. I then ran into a room that was near to us then talked really loud, “Gee, I hope those dumb excuses for scientists can’t find us in here!” They heard me, and ran into the room I was in.

    I pulled off my ear cuff and gripped my spear. I also used the wind to shut the door. They approached me, and I kept them off me for a few minutes. They eventually pulled my arms behind my back, and were about to put handcuffs on me, when I opened my wings and whacked the scientists really hard with them. They weren’t expecting that, so I easily escaped, and made the air toxic in the room they were in. All the scientists gagged, then collapsed on the floor. I finally caught up with the group.

    When we finally found Ellie, she was barely conscious. Emergency sirens started to blare. We had to get her out of here, and fast. Lily quickly grabbed some green concoction and plunged a needle into her forearm. “What was that?” I asked. She replied,”It’s a chemical that will make her fall asleep as well as erase her memory of what happened.” Having that said, we went outside.

    Lily changed into a giant eagle and we balanced Ellie onto her back. Once we were all airborne, Amber called to me. “What?” I asked. “I think we might have some unfinished business back at the lab.” She said with a wicked grin that told me exactly what to do. We told the others that we would be right back. It took a few minutes to reach the lab again, but our job was quick. We combined our powers and caused the building to explode, eliminating anyone lingering inside.

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