The Secret in the Woods: Jay

Jay has spent her life always feeling like the odd one out. Well, she is, no denying that, what with her powers, but that doesn't make trying to live a normal life any easier. Especially because she is constantly jumping from one foster home to the other. One day, she experiences something amazing and terrifying that will change her life forever... and she's not alone.


6. Home Sweet Home

       We finally made it to Sunny Side and had to get Ellie to her dorm room quickly! Thankfully, it was nighttime, so we could easily sneak in, change Ellie’s clothes, and put her in bed. Once she woke up in her own bed, she will think it had been a dream. (We were pleased to find out later that she had been adopted by a wonderful family.)

    We returned to the clearing, because we had decided to live there on the flight home. “If we’re gonna live here, we need a house.” I said once we landed. “I was thinking... how about a tree house?” Suggested Lily “Oh! And we can each design our own rooms!!!!” Serena added with a squeal. “Ok, I can probably have it done by morning if I start now.” Lily concluded.

    It has been a really long night and I’m glad when the sun finally comes up. Our house is really big (Lily had to grow a new tree to hold it) and it is made of birch wood. I looks kind of like  a well-hidden beach house, with panoramic windows and a nice front porch, except for the fact that it is in the middle of the woods. 

    My room is SO awesome! I will now take you on a tour of my room, followed by the other girls’ rooms. Start with the door: Like all the other doors to our personal rooms, it is solid stone. In the dead center, there is an indentation for my hand. I place my hand in it and electricity flows through visible cracks that I had never really noticed before. The doors slide open with surprising silence and speed.

    The floors of my room are made out of clouds, so only I can walk on them, unless I let someone in. There are also random little clouds that float aimlessly around the high ceiling. there a ceiling? Yes, but it changes to whatever I want it to look like. I thought of a thunder storm, my favorite kind of storm, and the most fun to create. Sure enough, I could see gray-black clouds on the ceiling. My little clouds grew darker and tiny hairs of lightning streaked their way across the room, striking at random. The room had a giant window through which I could see for miles. There were also beams across the ceiling which I could perch on by flying up there. Not to mention, there was also a big circular door up there that opened like a helicopter hangar so I had easy access to the open air, and could fly out any time I wanted.

    My room is painted sky blue, and as I look around, I realize there is no bed, but a nest of twigs, located high on the rafters. I decide to line to nest in clouds. You should try sleeping on clouds sometimes. It’s über-comfortable. I leave my room to go explore more. I decide to go to the left of my room, and find that it’s Ambers room, and knock on her door. “Come in!” She calls as the doors open. When I walk inside, it’s like a sauna. I could see the smoke curling off the floor. The walls were pulsing and changing color from red, to yellow, to orange. Her bed was basically a fire pit. It was stone, with white-hot embers glowing at the bottom.

    “Do you like it?” I ask. “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” She replies “I LOVE it!!!” She must have really been excited because I can see miniature fireworks going off in her normally hazel eyes. Then, her ear bursted into flames, but she didn’t seem to notice. “Ummm... you got a little something right here...” I say gesturing to my ear. “Oh! Sorry! I didn’t realize...” She tries to apologize but I interrupt. “I know, I know. Anywho, do you wanna come with me to see Serena and Lily’s rooms?” I ask “Sure! Let’s go!” She replies enthusiastically.

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