Him and Me

Kyle and Ellie love each other to pieces in a friendly way.
But as time goes on things start to change, Big changes.
As they grow up they move to separate school's, Ellie is still deeply in love with Kyle, but are those feelings the same for Ellie or someone else


2. Her

I hate going to my nan's!

Firstly because I have to not see Kyle, and secondly, because I really miss my parents, I have always had this weird problem. I don't know why. But I seem to miss my friends, when I am sleeping over at different places..

''Hurry up!'' mum shouted, she just cant learn to talk! its just shout... shout... and shout... She really annoys me.

''You got to get to school!" Ugh.. school, I hate going, because I am very small for my age.. so they all call me mean names like, titch or mini beast.. I have learned to ignore, well I had, until this new girl, lucy, joined our school.. she's tall and is really pretty, I do wish I was her, all the boys love her, and all the girls obey her, apart from this kid at school, she's small for her age, and she has long blonde hair, yes.

Its me.

The girl at the back of the class, who is quite..


just a quick update x love ya guys <3

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