Him and Me

Kyle and Ellie love each other to pieces in a friendly way.
But as time goes on things start to change, Big changes.
As they grow up they move to separate school's, Ellie is still deeply in love with Kyle, but are those feelings the same for Ellie or someone else


1. Best Friends

Me and Kyle are best friends.

He loves me, like I love him.

I phone him everyday even though he lives next door, but he doesn't mind because we are best friends, We probably sound like two 5 year old kids, but were actually 14 years old, but Kyle is nearly 15, I have bought him this giant telescope, because he loves space and all that kind of stuff, he loved space when he was 3, because he wished that he would have a best friend, and he did.


I love living in a world with Kyle.. The only bad thing is that we go to different schools, he goes to a grammar school for boys! whereas I just go to the school round the corner, he's really clever, he will probably end up as a something to do with space, I want to be a model when I'm older, but I'm not that tall. And I'm not that skinny, I'm a curvy girl, but Kyle says he hates skinny girls anyway, that they just look like a bag of bones, And I have strawberry blonde hair, which is a mix of ginger and blonde, I hate that colour, its weird, people are always commenting on it though, always saying 'is that your real hair colour' or 'I had that when I was a girl' but there mainly older people, so there not really going to turn around and say 'that colour is awful' I was blonde up until I was 9, but then it started going dirty blonde, then strawberry blonde. Kyle is lovely though, he's quite tall, taller than me, and he usually where's scruffy jeans and a hoodie, even though he sometimes looks like a tramp, he doesn't care, he says, if someone loves you they will like you for what's on the inside not what you look like on the outside.



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