The Moon Princess and the Demon Inside

If you like Japanese culture, Spirits, Awesome powers and mythic stories then you've come to the right place! This book is centered around a young girl called Yami Tsuki, (In japanese this means Darkness moon) and her soon to be best friend Taiyo Kurua (Which means Sun) I'll try my best to keep updating! P.s This is my first time writing a proper story so please comment and vote if you like! ~ Pen-chan x


2. Enter Taiyo!


Chapter 2 

The sky faded into shadow from the moon. Then I drifted backwards, into water, compete blackout. A similar cold sensation tingled across my face…it was…Water! I shot my eyes open and took short gasps for air. My back was against something soft, I hadn’t experienced the texture yet. The sky was, brown? No, its…wood I though while scanning where I was. My eyes were still adjusting to the lighter place so casually I dragged my right arm up to my head and scratched it. Quietly I heard breathing. And I tilted my head sideways, and sure enough. A thatched chair was pulled up, and sitting there was a young girl around the same age. She had bold orange eyes and red hair it looked smooth and wavy, and she had it tied sweetly in two ponytails which came down to her upper back. Her clothing was made from cotton; she had olive shorts on with a red tank top on. Her facial expression was happy. Her cheeks were rosy, giving the overall mischievous look. Her eyes focused on me. She was nearly the opposite of me, yet I felt a connection with her.

“Hey there! My names Taiyo Kurua!” She blurted out. I hesitated, un-used to the friendliness. “Umm, My names Yami Tsuki” I replied slightly on edge. “Where…where am I?” I questioned trying to decide if it was safe or not. “This is Hanta-mura village; the villagers found you lying on the ground de-hydrated four hours ago. So they brought you back here to my house.” Taiyo explained. “Thanks,” I thanked gratefully. “That’s what friends do! Oh and you have to see the chief when you feel well enough to move.” She asked while she got up and walked out the little hut.“Ahhhh…My back” I sneered while I tried shoving myself out of bed. The pain was too much, so I laid back on the bed and pulled the sheets over me, and soundly went blissfully asleep.


Yaaaaawnnnn…I waved my hand over my mouth and stretched my arms upwards. I blinked a few times to wipe the sleep out. Then I slowly sat upright, oddly everything was healed. In fact I felt refreshed; it was my first proper night’s sleep though. I took a good look at the room:  It was quite small and had two rooms connected and a toilet, a sink and a basic cooker were on the other side of the room. Future into the next conjoined room was a small balcony with some rare looking plants. I wondered who Taiyo lived with, as there was no up-stairs and only one bed. Did she live by herself? I breathed in carefully then stood up and walked to the door, there was a note it read; “Hiya! Taiyo here ^-^ Breakfasts on the stove, just heat it up and you can eat it! P.s your change of clothes is under the bed! Love Tayio! Xoxox” A smile spread on my face from the thought of being cared for. I heated up the food, beans, two eggs and 2 sausages. As soon as I had served it up on the plate, it was scoffed. I ate every mouthful. It was delicious! I rubbed my belly after the meal and changed into a short sleeved black top and a dark-red mini skirt, I grinned, Taiyo had remembered the colour of my eyes and picked this skirt! I felt ready for the day to begin, and then I opened the door to the outside world.

The sun shone on the slope where all the houses were, the village went down the steep side of the mountain to the edge of the jungle. The ground was cracked from heat waves. I stepped onto the ground; I had no shoes on so I could feel the dust under my feet, it was also warm from the sunlight. I peered over an edge of a houses, I could see the wide blue ocean, right down at the bottom of the island. There were no-other islands in sight I looked up the mountain, eastward. (To my right). Sparking at the top was a shining temple with two cat gods made from gold either side. I guess it was a tribute to the sun god Taiyo-shin. Wait, the girl? The blonde haired one?. What? Her name’s Taiyo? Ohhhh yeah! I remember, she must have been named after the sun, suits her personality. I looked up and down the village looking for the biggest house as I assumed that the chief would live in the best house…nope, no giveaways to where the chief was. I decided to explore the temple first, and happily made my way through the village there. Meanwhile, the native people around me were whispering about something, I heard “Girl” and “Strange” a few times; I brushed it off believing it was because I was new to the area.      


I must have been pretty high up the mountain at this point, because I could see the fields of cattle, with sheep, cows and pigs. They must have a lot of livestock to feed this whole village, Oh and the cute little hen houses! Now I think about it, this village has everything a person could want! Near the beach, with a beautiful jungle, mountains, an un-limited supply of food and it’s all secluded on this one island. No wars over land, and lots of people. Sounds almost too good to be true, but I considered myself lucky anyhow.. I looked around the temple, it turned out the whole building was made out of gold, and it was probably a tribute to a god. Was I allowed to enter? I took a risk and crept in. Inside it smelt of incense and the atmosphere was sinister, probably because of half-lit candles making it very eerie. It made my hairs stand on end. In the temple there were two rooms, the main one with a statue of a sliver man with angelic wings, and a small back room. Quietly I tip-toed over to the entrance of the backroom. I was too curious for my own good, and silently moved my hand over to open the door.


“NO! I WONT LET YOU!” Begged a women sounding very up-set. I froze, hoping it wasn’t directed at me. I shot my head around in all corners, just as freaky as before though.                                           “Well, someone has to go! She’s the only……” “Bless…ed…wi.” That’s all my hearing could pick up, I knew I had very sensitive hearing, but I was still learning its limits. Strangely, the voices weren’t coming from outside. They were inside the temple. I dipped my head and looked though the keyhole. Absolutely nothing, a few dusty pots and a old, worn rag. I straightened my back, as I prepared to sneak out the temple when;                                                                                                         “Why!? Are you willing to take her place!” this voice belonged to an old-man, he didn’t seem pleasant. “Yes….I’ll do anything for her…”the women whimpered. I turned around and opened the backdoor. Then I tracked the voices under the rag, and right there was a trap door. I placed my head sideways to eavesdrop on the meeting.                                                                                                                                            “Very well then Mrs Kurua….you’ll take Nikko’s place, at the altar of the god. You have 48 hours. Dismissed” an elder women declared. Nikko? 48hours? Who are they? What do they mean? My heart rate sped up. Footsteps were coming closer to my position, “Dammn, I don’t want to know what will happen to me if they catch me!” I panicked. I grabbed the rug, wrapped it around me and hid behind the futurist pot in the corner. The wooden trap door let out a creak as I heard the footsteps of four people. Strangely I heard three voices, but there were four people?                            “Kawai! Did you move that rug that covers the entrance!?” moaned an old male. “Stop blaming every little thing you do, on me Hinso!!” Kawai screeched. I heard a third women sigh, I amused it was Mrs Kurua, I hoped that they would walk straight out. I covered my mouth to muffle the sound of my breathing. “Oi Hinso! Grab that old rag and put it over the entrance will ya I don’t want no one finding it” Shouted Kawai. My heart literary stopped beating. The ground shrieked as if it was counting the seconds I had left to live. I dared not even shiver in fear of being detected sooner. Hinso’s hand came so close to me I could sense it.

“Hinso! Hinso! I found these BEAUTIFUL lilies in the jungle! Can I put them by the statue!? Look here!” A sunny familiar voice insisted. I held my breath hoping he’d leave me alone.                                       “Arghh, Taiyo don’t bother me right now. Just put them wherever the heck you want!” He shouted angrily. I heard his footsteps storm out of the temple; I started breathing again grateful for Tayio’s appearance. Unexpectedly, The rag was lifted off me. I backed into the corner rapidly.                          “Ohh Hey Yami!! What’cha doing under there?” She questioned with her normal smile on.        “Thank god it’s you Taiyo! I thought you were one of the village elders” I thanked. Taiyo had a puzzled look on her face. “Let’s get out of here and I’ll explain everything to you.” I suggested, she nodded and we rushed out of the temple, into a shallow bit of the jungle.

We were surrounded by jungle trees, and in the biggest tree, was a small tree house. Taiyo prompted me to climb up, and I worked my way up the tree- it was fairly easy. I caught a scent of a smell drifting through the trees, it smelt of flowers and spring leaves. I could hear the calls of exotic birds and animals, it was an interesting place, fit for exploration. Taiyo sat me down in the little treehut. It was about the size of a small bedroom, and it had electricity form the mains. She had her own little fridge, fan, coffee table and a small olive sofa. I also noticed lots of sketching pads and art things dotted around the room. Taiyo leant over to the fridge and threw me an ice-cold soda then took one for herself. “Whats this?” I asked tapping at the metal can. She laughed “Hhaha! You don’t know what soda is? You must be from really far away!” She joked. “You drink it” Taiyo pushed something on the can and it made a loud pop. It shocked me, wohh. I put the can to my lips and drank the liquid. I grinned as it was fizzy but strangely satisfying; I swiftly glopped down half the can before pausing again. “I see your enjoying that,” She looked at me. I looked back, and we both burst out laughing.

Shortly after I explained everything to Tayio. Half-way though she stopped and looked at the floor, she looked dead worried. However when I was finished she announced “My nick name is Nikko Kurua, My mums name is Akarui Kurua” I sipped my drink before understanding what she meant. “There’s something fishy going on in this village…I’ve known all my life, but I choose to ignore it because of how perfect everything is. Every now and then, people leave for no reason at all. No-one has seen them again. The sad thing is, people only care about who gets their house when they leave. My dad was one of these people and he left two years after I was born. It all happens every year around May. It’s the 29th of April today. They make a stupid excuse like… I want my freedom or its too crowed here…It..It could be my turn, But my mother took my place!” Taiyo concluded breaking down into tear to the end of her speech. I pitied her and I pulled her close and gave her a friendly hug.

“Thanks Yami…I needed that” she sobbed “So what do we do now? Confront the elders?” I suggested. “We save  my mum!” Taiyo’s tears evaporated from her cheeks as she stood up, ready to face the world.        

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