The Lord of Minecraft

The lord of the rings has leaked into minecraft. A stranger has to save both dimension. But to do that, both of the worlds must unite and face the evil dark lord Sauron together. Sauron has unlock the power of the wither!


1. the start of the end! part 1.

the world of minecraft 

It all started with I and Bob in a deep underground cave. it was big and gloomy and in the middle it had a weird looking stone table with a button on it which Bob had never saw before.

"What is that?"  I inquired

" I've no idea. " Bob replied  

Suddenly from the entrance of the cave ,2 or 3 skeletons and at least ten zombies appeared out of no where! I was holding off the zombies with my diamond sword which had knockback III on it. the skeletons must have bypassed me!   

"Look out!" I shouted to Bob.

He was advancing on the stone table. He made an attempt to dodge the arrows but one hit him square in his back.

Bob flew straight into the stone table and hit the button, then there was silence. A white flash shone, and that was all I can remember       




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