Opposites Attract (One Direction Fanfiction-Larry Stylinson)

Is it possible for two people who are completely different to fall so in love with each other that there's no way they can be apart?


2. Chapter Two

Harry was shocked at first,no one had ever kissed him and he definitely didn't imagine it to be Louis that was kissing him. After about a second he kissed back,wrapping his arms around Louis' waist and pulling him close. About a minute passed and their lips were still pressed together. Two minutes after their lips had first connected they pulled away and smiled brightly. "Harry Styles....will you be my boyfriend?" Louis whispered,looking into Harry's eyes and taking his hands. 

"Of course I will!" Harry smiled,pecking Louis on the lips. 

"Where do you live? I'll take you back and you can stay at mine for the night!" Louis beamed,opening Harry's car door for him and then walking round to his side and climbing in before buckling his seatbelt. 

"I don't really have a house..." Harry mumbled,fastening his seatbelt and turning to Louis. 

"Where do you sleep?!" Louis exclaimed,worried about his boyfriend.

"In my apartment but the people around me always argue and there....t-there was a gunshot last night..." Harry whimpered. 



Harry curled up on his bed,his knees under his chin as he rocked back and forth,trying to get back to sleep. Suddenly his 'neighbors' started arguing again,the same as every night. "You're a filthy slag,I don't know why I gave you another chance!" a man shouted and Harry heard a thump against the wall-probably a shoe. Harry squealed as another thump sounded against the wall. He was alone with no one to help him. His flower crown topped his head but he took it off,carefully messing with it,trying to distract himself from the ongoing fight in the next room. Eventually it got too much for the boy and he fled to the bathroom and curled up in the grimy bath,sobbing into his knees,trying to block out the screams. 

BOOM! a gunshot sounded,making the hairs on the back of Harry's neck stand up on end. A scream escaped his mouth as he peeked out of the bathroom and saw a small bullethole in the wall above his bed. If he hadn't ran to the bathroom it would have gone straight through his head and killed him instantly. He fell asleep,sobbing in the bathroom. 

*End of flashback*


"I'm not letting you live there anymore!" Louis said firmly,sensing the fear behind Harry's words. "You're coming living with me,we'll go and get your stuff later but you're staying with me for now." He mumbled,squeezing Harry's hand and kissing him on the cheek before pulling away and starting the car,driving them to his house.


"Mum! I'm home!" Louis yelled as he walked through the door,keeping Harry close to him. He felt very protective over the younger boy and he wanted him to feel safe. 

"Hi darling!" Jay called as she walked to the hallway where Louis and Harry were slipping their shoes off. "Who's this?" she smiled,her tone light and breezy. 

"This is my boyfriend,Harry. Is it okay if he stays here? He lives in an apartment on his own and there was a gunshot last night. I don't think it's safe for him to stay there." Louis explained softly,knowing his mum would understand.

"That's fine! If you need anything just shout! I'm Jay but you can call me mum if you want!" She beamed. 

"Let's go upstairs babe." Louis smiled and pulled Harry upstairs with him. 


"I just realized....where are your family if you don't live with them?" Louis asked when him and Harry were shut in his room. 

"They...died...in a car crash when I was 15." Harry mumbled,looking down and fixing his flower crown "My sister,Gemma,gave me my flower crown. The morning she died..." He whispered. 

"I'm so sorry!" Louis murmured,pulling Harry into a tight hug.

"It's okay boo." Harry smiled weakly and hugged him back,kissing his cheek.

"Do you want to meet my sisters? I'll make sure they don't break your pretty flower crown." the older boy smiled and looked down at the innocent boy.

"Yes please!" Harry nodded in agreement.


"I'm Lottie!" Lottie smiled.

"I'm Fizz." Fizz giggled.

"I'm Daisy!" she shouted.

"I'm Phoebe!" Phoebe giggled. 

"Hi girls!" Harry giggled,smiling down at them. 


After about an hour of talking to the girls,Louis and Harry ran back up to Louis' room and cuddled up on the bed together. "Which room will I be in?" Harry looked up at Louis through his eyelashes.

"You'll be in here with me." Louis smiled,kissing Harry on the nose.

"Can we cuddle to get to sleep?" Harry giggled,asking like a young child.

"Of course we can!" Louis smiled.

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