Opposites Attract (One Direction Fanfiction-Larry Stylinson)

Is it possible for two people who are completely different to fall so in love with each other that there's no way they can be apart?


3. Chapter Three

Harry brushed his teeth in the bathroom,smiling as he spat,his teeth gleaming white again. He brushed his hair quickly,not bothering to try and tame the wild curls. Louis knocked on the door and pushed it open. "Hi babe." he smiled,walking over to Harry and pecking him on the lips. 

"Hello boo!" Harry giggled,walking out of the bathroom and through to the bedroom where he changed into a t-shirt and shorts. Soon after,Louis followed him in,his breath minty and his hair brushed down so that it wasn't in it's usual spikes. Harry placed his flower crown on the bedside table and smiled as Louis changed into a t-shirt and shorts to match Harry. They both climbed into bed,curling up together under the sheets,Harry behind Louis,spooning him. The curly haired boy sang softly under his breath,sending the two both into a sweet sleep.



The alarm clock rang,loud and clear,waking the pair up. Simultaneously they groaned,rubbing their eyes and crawling out of bed. 

Harry took Louis' hand almost instantly and pulled him through to the bathroom where they both brushed their teeth and washed. 

As Harry walked into the bedroom from getting changed he saw Louis sat on the floor in front of the mirror,doing his hair quickly,dressed in some tight skinny jeans and a plain white top. Harry pulled his low riding pants up slightly and threw a jumper on. As they were walking out of the room,Harry dipped down and picked up his flower crown,placing it on his head.


Zayn scoffed at the couple as they walked through the double doors,hand in hand. He watched them with sly eyes,following their every move. 

The second bell rang,meaning that everyone should be in their lessons by now. Zayn,Harry and Louis were all in Art together and as the bell rang,Harry and Zayn pulled out their paintings and Louis looked around for his. He started to panic when he couldn't find it where he'd hidden it last lesson. "What's wrong boo?" Harry muttered to Louis,seeing his panic.

"I can't find my painting!" Louis replied. "I worked so hard on it!" 

"What is it of and I'll help look?" Harry asked,already looking around for a misplaced painting.

"My sisters." Louis mumbled. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he spotted it...in Zayn's hands. Louis stood up and marched over to the raven haired boy and held his hand out. "Give it here." He demanded,his voice quiet. 

"Or what?" Zayn laughed,holding it out of Louis' reach.

"Look Zayn,I don't want a fight just give it here!" Louis yelled,not bothered about being quiet now. Zayn raised his eyebrow at Louis and shoved the painting to his chest. Louis stumbled a bit then walked back to his seat,finishing his painting off.

A smile spread across Louis' lips as he finally finished his painting. It soon dropped when he saw Zayn walking towards him but Zayn went straight past him,getting a glass of water but as he walked back to his seat he 'accidentally' spilled it all over Louis' painting. Harry gasped and looked up at Zayn "What was that for?" Harry demanded,standing up and towering over Zayn. Zayn just laughed,walking back to his seat. Harry followed him and threw a punch at him but Louis ran in front of him and took the punch. A gasp left Harry's mouth as he ran forward to Louis. "I'm so so sorry!" he whispered,running his hand along where he'd punched. 

"It's okay,just work on your aim a bit babe." Louis smiled and punched Zayn square in the jaw "That's how to do it." He smirked as Zayn lifted his hand up to where the mark was already forming. He stood up,yelling at Harry before yanking the flower crown off his head. Harry squealed and tried to get it but Zayn held it away from him. He was just about to rip it in half when Louis kicked him in the groin,grabbing the flower crown and placing it back on Harry's head before taking his hand and running out of the school with him. 

"Thank you." Harry whispered,wiping his eyes and entwining their fingers.

"No problem babe." Louis smiled.

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