Opposites Attract (One Direction Fanfiction-Larry Stylinson)

Is it possible for two people who are completely different to fall so in love with each other that there's no way they can be apart?


1. Chapter One

Harry walked through the corridors,his long legs carrying him quickly through the crowds of people,most of them smaller than him. His long fingers went up to his hair,ruffling the front few curls before fixing his flower crown;the reason he was treated differently. Nobody knew the reason he wore it but nevertheless they laughed at him and talked about him behind his back but they didn't know. Although his life was made a living hell by the people at his school,he always wore a bright smile. The truth was,Harry didn't realize that they were laughing AT him. He thought they were laughing WITH him,as friends would. This resulted in him getting laughed at more. People scurried into their classrooms as the bell rang loudly,its high pitched ring alerting everyone that it was time for their first lesson to begin. Harry smiled at a few people as they laughed with their friends,nudging each other as they giggled and smirked. 


Louis' books were hastily stuffed into his bag as the bell for break went off. Many people crowded around him as he left the classroom,all wanting to talk to him. Yes,Louis was the most popular boy in school and everyone wanted to be his friend,especially Harry but he didn't have the nerve to talk to him.

"Louis! Louis!" One girl cried out,tugging at his arm as he made his way to his locker to get his art book. 

"What?" he asked,his voice portraying his impatience with the clamoring girl. 

"Will you come to the coffee shop after school with me?" she asked,giggling and looking at her friends who were giggling like 5 year olds and nudging each other. 

"As a date?" Louis asked,raising his eyebrow. 

"Yeah!" The girl squealed,her high pitch piercing Louis' ears.

"Um..no. I have other plans." Louis mumbled,slamming his locker shut and walking off. He hated the girl,the only reason he talked to her was because her best friend was quite close with him. Boots clicked on the floor behind him as the desperate girl tried to catch up with him. A sound of disgust escaped his mouth as he turned on his heel,glaring at the shorter girl. "Look,I don't want to be your boyfriend,okay?! I'm gay. And in love with someone. A BOY!" He exclaimed,his anger layering his voice. Many pairs of eyes turned to stare at him as he exploded at the girl. Mouths dropped open as they heard Louis admit he was gay. "Shut your mouths before you catch flies!" he yelled,storming off to his Art classroom. 


Harry sat quietly inside the art room,staring at the wall that was covered in drawings,a few of which were his. Suddenly the door flew open,creating a breeze in the room which quickly settled down as Louis caught the door that was about to chip the wall. He looked sheepishly at Harry,about to turn on his heel and walk out. "No! I mean...please don't go." Harry said to Louis,his voice barely audible. A small smile played at the corner of Louis' lips as he turned to sit next to Harry. 

"I'm Louis." He held his hand out to Harry and smiled brightly,smiling even more when Harry took his hand and entwined their fingers. 

"I'm Harry." He smiled back,playing with Louis' smaller hands and giggling slightly. 

"I know that..." Louis smiled,letting Harry have his fun. Wow,he never knew how cute Harry was. Sure,Harry was the boy he was in love with but he had always been to shy to ask him on a date. Both of them jumped slightly as the bell rang,signalling that it was time for the next lesson-Art.

Usually Louis would have sat with a group of people in the middle of the classroom but today they all sat in the middle without him but he couldn't care less whether they were with him or not because he was sat next to Harry,their fingers still entwined. 


"Yeah,Louis' gay! Apparently with that flower crown freak!" the whispers spread around the school until eventually everyone knew. 

"Louis why are you with that gaylord?" someone shouted to Louis as he walked down the corridors with Harry who just looked at Louis with fear in his eyes. 

"Shut the hell up!" Louis snarled,glaring at the people that were whispering. 

"Ooh Louis has a boyfriend!" someone said in a sing-song voice,bursting into laughter.

"Yeah,he's my boyfriend." Louis said back,pulling Harry out of the school and over to his car where he pressed his lips to Harry's softly.


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