Opposites Attract (One Direction Fanfiction-Larry Stylinson)

Is it possible for two people who are completely different to fall so in love with each other that there's no way they can be apart?


4. Chapter Four

Sun flooded through the crack between the blinds and the bottom of the window in Harry and Louis' room,disturbing their sleep. It was afternoon and they hadn't woken up yet but Daisy and Phoebe changed that when the bounded into the room and jumped on the bed. "Wake up lazy bums!" they shouted,making the two boys groan. The girls giggled and flopped down on the bed,sitting in between Louis and Harry and blocking their view of each other. Harry chuckled and pulled Daisy onto his lap,shuffling closer to Louis who pulled Phoebe onto his lap and shuffled closer to Harry until they were next to each other. Harry giggled and rested his head on Louis' shoulder. 

"Why have you woken us up?" Louis asked,his voice raspy and low.

"Because mum said to get ready because we're going to the park!" Daisy smiled,wiggling about on Harry's knee. 

"If you want." Phoebe added,smiling. Louis looked at Harry and pulled a face.

"We aren't going to come today princesses but we'll make you cakes for when you get back!" Louis smiled,winking at Harry. 

"Okay!" the girls smiled and jumped off of the bed and ran downstairs to tell Jay. Harry smiled and nuzzled his head into Louis' neck.

"What flavor cakes are we making boo?" Harry looked up at Louis through his eyelashes.

"Strawberry and chocolate because the two little devils can't decide on one." Louis laughed,wrapping his arm around Harry and rubbing his side. 

"Yay! More time together baking." Harry giggled like a child.

"You're so goddamn adorable!" Louis laughed,kissing the top of Harry's head.

"No I'm not! Shh!" Harry giggled,blushing deeply and hiding his face from Louis. Louis laughed and ran his hands through Harry's curls. 

"We'll make the cakes when the girls have gone." Louis smiled,waiting for the sound of the door to sound from downstairs. 


"First you pre-heat the oven!" Louis giggled,reading the instructions off a website as Harry turned the oven on. "Now put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir!" He smiled,walking behind Harry and wrapping his arms around his waist. He placed his smaller hands over Harry's as they guided the spoon around the bowl. 

Once it was smooth enough and the right consistency they poured it equally into cupcake cases and placed it in the oven. "Now wait?" Harry asked,peering into the oven to see the cakes.

"No,now we tidy!" Louis giggled. A groan escaped Harry's mouth as he helped Louis clean.


"These are yummy!" Daisy said in a muffled voice as she shoveled chocolate cupcake into her mouth. 

"You're chefs!" Fizz smiled,biting into one and humming in appreciation.

"Wow these are really good boys!" Jay smiled,delicately nibbling at her cupcake. Harry took a cupcake and bit some off,chewing slowly. He then held it to Louis' lips and smiled as Louis sank his teeth in,smiling as he chewed. 

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