The Girl in the Forest [Niall Horan}

Hey I am Katniss call me Kat I ran away I live in the forest weird huh but I love it here I do not think life could get better than this until he found me.


2. That Beautiful Stranger

Kats POV 

I woke up with the sun shining on my face. I slid down from my branch and made my way to the waterfall and washed (i was in a swimming suit) I got back and changed into my  brown skinny jeans white vest leather brown jacket and black DM's. I went to

pick some berries and heard someone running.If this is my dad I will cry I clamber up on my branch and watch as a cute blone boy runs past.


Niall's POV 

I hate arguments especially with my best friends  in the universe I ran and ran deeper into the forest until I heard a voice I spun around to see a girl about my age slouching on a branch."What you doing way out here " she said softly "oh I um had an argument with my friends so i needed to cool off" I replied  awkwardly "you wanna talk about it" she asked sweetly and before i knew it I was quickly explaining everything to her my beautiful stranger "sorry I never caught your name" i said "it's Katniss but you can call me Kat" she said softly what a lovely name for a lovely girl ...SHUT-UP Niall you have a girlfriend. "so do you come here often" I say just as she leaped from the branch and landed on two feet "I er kinda live here" she blushed i was not expecting that i mean she was homeless "I am not homeless if that's what your thinking" she mumbled I shook my head "I was abused so I ran away and it was the best thing ever " she said calmly. "Well see you I guess Kat"

I said before leaving my perfect stranger.

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