The Girl in the Forest [Niall Horan}

Hey I am Katniss call me Kat I ran away I live in the forest weird huh but I love it here I do not think life could get better than this until he found me.


6. I Love you

Niall POV 

I saw her laying lifeless in a deep ditch "hey Katness" I yelled she didn't move i called the fire brigade and they are on their way over now i am so worried I shall dump Morgan that will be a start. I hope she will forgive me for this.


30 mins later 

I see the fire brigade haul Kat out of the ditch and wrap her in blankets then go to the hospital I also ride in the truck it is pretty cool



"Miss Blue is fine but has a concussion" the doctor says tutting then he walks away I walk into her room relived she is ok.

Huge plasters were on her cheeks and she was under many blankets her face was pale and cold "Kat?" I whispered 

she sat up and hugged me "thank god the hospital food is gross!" she said I laughed but got serious "I am so sorry Kat I never mean't for this to happen please forgive me " I begged  "why should I Mr Horan?" she teased "because I love you" I whispered

she look blank and I blushed "i-i shouldn't of said anything" I said sadly i turned to leave but she spun me round and kissed me

I swear my heart melted. 

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