The Girl in the Forest [Niall Horan}

Hey I am Katniss call me Kat I ran away I live in the forest weird huh but I love it here I do not think life could get better than this until he found me.


5. Da hell

Nialls POV


Kat was asleep so I am just gonna pop out and get some more food I am sure she will be hungry when she wakes up.


Unknown POV

I rammed my key into the apartment door and swanned in "Niall Babe" I called "I am home" oh he could be asleep so I tiptoe into our room and saw the most skankiest girl like everrr!! I screamed and she sat up "why are you here GET OUT YOU CRAZY FAN UH YOU FANGIRLS ARE LIKE CRAY CRAY" I yelled " N-n-niall said I could stay here" she stuttered "OH YEAH RIGHT DOG GET OUT" I shouted then picked her up by her hair.


Kats POV

She picked me up by my hair then threw me across the room and started kicking me she scratched my face with her fake nails cause blood to spill from my cheeks I yelled and yelped but she never stopped my Ankle really hurt she stepped on it and I screamed out "DA HELL!" then she kicked me out of the apartment. I hobbled back to the forest when I fell into a deep ditch and that was when everything went black.


Nialls POV

I whistled to tune to little things then put my key in the door I saw my girlfriend Morgan watching TV and I smiled until I saw blood and clumps of brown hair on the floor "what happened morgy? I asked quietly "oh some random fangirl in your room ...but don't worry i took care of her" she winked I ran into my room Kat was gone! i grabbed my jacket "Ni baby where you going?" she asked innocently "out" I mutttered

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