Dancing with Death

For the 'Death & Co' competition. If you want to see my inspiration, and for a little clarity on the story, check out the 'related media' at the side. Cover drawn by me! Possible illustrations coming soon???


6. Fondu

It's the same dream every night. Always the same. 

He's lying in the road, surrounded by his own blood. Arm bent the wrong way, ankle twisted at the wrong angle. Face contorted into a final, silent scream of agony. Eyes wide and staring. Unblinking. His trainer lays by the kerb, away from the scene, splattered with blood. Forgotten. 

Chaos unfolds around him, people panicking and rushing around. Phones out calling for help. Someone is screaming his name, over and over. Louder and louder. It's me, my throat going hoarse from the screaming. Hands hold me back as I try to reach for him, hold him one last time. The thrashing stops. I give up. 

My foot feels cold. A breeze rushes over my bare toes. I look down to see my feet. One with a trainer on. One without. I look up, up at the sky. Gravel digs into my back. Blood trickles down my forehead. People rush around me, police, firemen, paramedics. I just lay there. Eyes wide and staring. Unblinking. 

Then the voices start again. 



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