Dancing with Death

For the 'Death & Co' competition. If you want to see my inspiration, and for a little clarity on the story, check out the 'related media' at the side. Cover drawn by me! Possible illustrations coming soon???


4. Danseur noble

"I need you to tell me everything you know about him." The female officer sitting opposite me encouraged. I sat silently, staring down at my hands in my lap. "Where did you meet?" She prompted. Tears spilt silently down my cheeks, splashing onto the table. The officer reached across and rubbed my arm. I pulled it away. I didn't let anyone touch me. Anyone apart from him. 

"Sean." I murmured, barely audible, and certainly not loud enough for the recording device on the wall to pick it up. 

"What did you say?" The officer leant so close I could hear her breathing. She seemed calm, but her breath was sharp and shallow. 

"Nothing." I wiped the tears away from my face with the sleeve of my jumper. His jumper. "Where did we meet? I've always known...him. We were in the same ballet class from aged three. He was the only male dancer." I reflected on his dancing, how good he was. Is. "A danseur. A danseur noble." 

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