Dancing with Death

For the 'Death & Co' competition. If you want to see my inspiration, and for a little clarity on the story, check out the 'related media' at the side. Cover drawn by me! Possible illustrations coming soon???


3. Chassé

The room was much bigger than I remembered it. The people filling it seemed different too. Even though I had known them since I was little, it seemed to be strangers milling around the hall. Silence rippled across the room as my presence was noticed. A couple of girls gave me a sympathetic half-smile, others awkwardly looked away, murmuring with their backs turned. 

"Welcome back, Chloe." Miss van Hamel looked at me. 

Chloe. Nobody ever called me that. Miss van Hamel had known me since I was four years old, and even then she called me Clo. 

The noise gradually resumed back to the original volume as I dumped my bag at the side of the room. Sitting on the bench, I began to undo the laces of my trainers. I noticed someone sit silently down next to me. Looking up, I saw a girl I didn't recognise looking at me. She hurriedly turned away, as if embarrassed to be caught looking. Lacing up my ballet shoes, I joined the others in a warm up against the ballet bar.  

I stumbled over a few basic movements. It had barely been two weeks, but I was already forgetting the simplest of moves. More sympathetic looks were flashed my way. I ignored them, and tried to concentrate on the routine. I was nevertheless glad when the lesson was over.

Mum was already waiting out in the car after the session finished, something which she never did. I used to wait at least ten minutes for her to turn up. But early? 

The tension in the car was almost unbearable. Mum drove in silence back home. Darkness was settling in over the house as when unlocked the door. I made my way up to my bedroom, changed out of the tight leotard and got ready for bed. But they wouldn't let me sleep without a reminder. 

'Sean is in the ground...'



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