Dancing with Death

For the 'Death & Co' competition. If you want to see my inspiration, and for a little clarity on the story, check out the 'related media' at the side. Cover drawn by me! Possible illustrations coming soon???


2. Barre

I sat in the car, looking up at the dull, concrete building towering over the equally dull car park.  It seemed so long ago that I had last come here, yet actually thinking about it, it had been less than two weeks ago. 

"Come then. Can't sit in here forever." Mum looked back at me from the front seat. I could see her eyes in the rear view mirror. 

"I can't." She didn't sigh, but I could see the exasperation in her eyes. The same thing had happened last week. 

"You'll be fine once you get in there. It'll all be like it was before, like it used to be before-" Mum stopped, taking a sharp intake of breath as she steeled herself. 

"Before what? Before he 'went away'? Before he 'fell asleep'? It won't be like it was before, Mum. You know that." I fumed in the back seat. How could she, of all people, think it would be the same without him? 

"Alright." She snapped suddenly. "I know it won't be the same. Of course it won't ever be like it was before, but we have to move on. Because, believe it or not, the whole world didn't revolve around 'you and him'. Things have to carry on." Her sudden outburst startled me. For days, she had been hiding behind pretend smiles, making out everything was alright.

"Fine." I slammed the car door behind me as I marched across the car park, bag in hand. 'Don't look back. Don't show her you care.'  I willed myself not to turn, not to see if she had gone. Just as I opened the door to the hall, I made a quick glance. She had already driven off. 

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