Dancing with Death

For the 'Death & Co' competition. If you want to see my inspiration, and for a little clarity on the story, check out the 'related media' at the side. Cover drawn by me! Possible illustrations coming soon???


1. Arabesque

I lay in bed, tossing, turning. Echoes run through my head. My fingers curl around the duvet as the voices surround my head.

'Sean...' They whisper. 'Sean is in the ground.' Harsh, evil voices. 'He's in the ground.' Hissing tauntingly. 'And it's all your fault."'Singing, dancing round and round. Unable to make them stop. Louder and louder, more and more, until I can't move. 'He's in the ground. It's your fault. Sean is in the ground. Gone. It's your fault. You made him go. Sean's gone because of you. Left. Gone."'Paralysed with fear, I will them to stop. 

'No!"'My own thoughts merge with those already there.'It's not my fault. It's not. I couldn't have done anything. No. No. No!' My thoughts scream as loud as they can, but fail to drown out the teasing. 

"He's in the ground. In the ground. In the ground."  The relentless voices are quietening. Slowly, drawing back into the darkness where they came from. Where they belong. 


As my eyes flit open, light streamed in. The glare of a lightbulb practically blinded me. Soft, strong hands held me. Stroking my hair, pulling me in. 

"It's ok. It's ok. Just a dream."  A soothing voice reassured me. "Just a dream. A bad dream. Everything's ok." My breathing. I noticed, was rapid and harsh. I focussed on slowing it down. In...out. In...out. 

"Sean?" A low murmur escaped my lips. I heard her swallow, and pull me in tighter. 

"It was just a dream." She repeated, voice on edge slightly now. 

As I sat, arms round my mother, I heard the voices again. 

'Sean is in the ground...'

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