Messages From The Heart

A collection of short stories, all based on my interpretations of One Direction songs.
I'd love to hear whether you agree, or what you see in the songs - Comment!
I'll carry on any stories at request :)


1. Moments



  “I love you.”

  “I love you too.”

  The words are so new between them they almost had a price tag, but they know, also, that they will never get a chance to be well-worn words. Some couples can say the words over and over again to each other, having eternity to do so, but not the pair standing on the doorstep, light rays of early pinks and oranges dancing over their tearful goodbye. A taxi waits on the curb of the pavement in front of the old house, full with so many memories: Memories of two young children playing in the grass, rolling around, over and over, giggling as they land on top of each other in a heap; playing football in the street; their first kiss under the huge oak at the bottom of the garden; their first night together when her parents were away, clothes strewn across the floor...  all memories that will be left behind forever once the door of the taxi closes, taking the last living occupant of the house with it.

  Clover sniffs, trying to stem the flood of tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

  “You’re still going, aren’t you?” The boy, whose arm’s she’s in, asks the question sadly, but with no real hope; resigned to the certain paths their future would take – away from each other.

  “Yes.” Her voice breaks, “I’m so, so sorry.”

  “It’s okay.” He sooths, gently stroking her hair, not really believing his own words. “We’ll work it out.”

  The girl’s blond hair spins out around her as she shakes her head vehemently. “You know we can’t do that.”

  “Why?” The boy’s voice pleads, blue eyes watering dangerously, threatening to spill – even though he’d promised – for her – that he wouldn’t shed a tear. He refuses to make it any harder for them than it had to be.  Try though he might, the pain was still audible in his voice. “Why can’t we try?”

  “You know why.” She sobs, biting her lip.

  “I just want one more day.”

  She closes her grey eyes to hide their expression, “I just want one more night.”

  “If only...”

  “If only.” She repeats. They both know they had to let go of the other, but neither can bring themselves to let go of the one thing that kept their life worth living. Lately it had seemed that their hearts beat only for each other, but now she has realised what she has to do. She has to leave. Leave the place her heart begs her to stay, but her mind knows that her duty is elsewhere.

  He bends down and places one last sweet kiss on her lips, before they both have to pull away, hands trembling. She finally finds the power in her to take her hands from his, producing a key from her pocket, bending down carefully and placing it under the mat, hiding it from view.

  She gazes once more into his eyes – for a moment her mind fogs over, thinking irrational thoughts. I could stay. I don’t have to do this to us... At that moment she wants nothing more than to scream to the world that they were together – forever and always. How could they ever not be together? But no words escape her mouth – all the things she wants to say stick in her throat, denying her will.

  Suddenly, though, her mind clears and she knows she’s only making it harder for herself, and for Charlie.

  She turns her back on the house, and on Charlie, refusing to look at either of them lest she change her mind.

  He watches her walk, painstakingly slowly, down the winding garden path. Finally, with her back turned and the reality of the situation finally sinking in, the tears spill. They don’t stop as she glances back, only once before stepping into the taxi – for that one brief second their eyes meet, they understand each other.

  Their faces both mirroring each others pain, but knowing, without any doubt in their minds, that their hearts will never waver from each other. They will always love each other, however many miles separated them; they both know that they will forever belong to each other. They will always be the reason for each others life; their words, their love, their every heart beat and their every breath.  But always just out of reach.

  If only...

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