harry styles figures out that his mom is getting remarried .he has a new family ,new home and new sibling named Bella , Harry's mum and Bella's dad are on there honey moon for three month's Harry has to mind Bella only to find that Bella is falling for one of the boys.



Bella's P.O.V


"Bella sweetheart wake up" my dad said quietly, "H m?" I said still half asleep" I've got something to tell you" .I sat up in my bed and my dad sat beside me "what is it" , "I'm getting married and I would like you to come downstairs and meet the new family oh and wear something nice" he said I was still shocked  . Most of all that he's getting married and he didn't tell me .What kind of father does that. I had a shower, got dressed into a top a pair of jeans, a top and One Direction jumper. I put on some light make up and headed downstairs to the living room . I guess I had a new brother he was sitting on the couch talking to my dad when I sat down beside my dad .OMG sitting on my couch was ....was...Harry styles .This can't be happening. "I like your jumper he said while chuckling probably cause my eyes widened at every word he spoke. " t....t...thanks" I replied  .Was he really talking to me wow .What do I say to him should I shake his hand . I put my hand out for him to shake ,his grip is gentle ."Bella why don't you show Harry round the house " he asked "sure" I told him and  added a smile so that he doesn't think I'm crazy

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