Grace Sims is a nobody. She doesn't have any friends unless you consider her family her friends. She is on her second year at High School. All year she's never had any friends. Not one. When a new student comes they're might be hope. A blonde named Niall offers Grace friendship. But Grace is a shy, lonely, lost, and broken girl, who could use some fixing. Niall spends a few days trying to figure out her. What's her story that's broken her to dust. Why can't she smile or be happy? What was so bad that it changed her life drastically. Niall's #1 goal now is to help her smile and be happy. He won't give up. That's not Niall Horan. Could he really make her smile?

*Niall NOT famous*


6. The Day After

I woke up with a bad headache. I scratched my head and yawned. Soon after I got up, I went to my bathroom and started my shower. I went into my W.I.C. , and selected a pearl pink dress and some unique patterned, BOBS. I got my undergarments and went to the bathroom. I set down the clothes and got undressed. I hopped in the shower and started washing my hair then my body. About 30 minutes later, I got out and dried my hair with my blow-dryer. I brushed it, and put it in a bun. I didn't have P.E. today so I was dressed nicely. I put on a few of the bracelets that come with the BOBS shoes. I walked in my bedroom and opened my balcony doors to a crack. I felt a smooth breeze and looked at the tall buildings. It was such a beautiful sight.

" Grace, come downstairs for breakfast. I also have a announcement and treat!" My mom said yelling in a soft tone. :p

I grabbed my bag and my phone and ran downstairs. I put my phone in my pocket and greeted my family.

"We have new neighbors. There names are Maura, Greg, Chris and Niall. I think he goes to your school. He is very cute I believe. Have you met him?" My mom said. My dad cocked his eyebrow up. My sister laughed and made Kiss faces.

" I am not interested in guys mom. I haven't met him." I said lying and thinking about Niall and our conversation. I got a bit happy on the fact that I had a possible friend. Wait, it was a joke, I will never have a friend. I checked the time and began eating and rinsed my plate when I was done. I said my goodbyes and walked to the bus stop, feeling a pair of eyes on me. I walked faster and never turned around. I felt someone grab my shoulder and spin me around. I saw a blue-eyes blonde. It was him.

"Hey. I forgot your name love? Can you tell me what it was?" He said with a thick accent.

".... Gr------Grace. My name is Grace Sims." I said stuttering and pinching my wrist. Did someone just try to be social besides my family? Is this just a dream?

"Beautiful name. It seems so delicate, and light and respectful. I have a question. Why did you run off like that?" He asked while we were walking. I stayed quiet for a minute and planned on staying that way until we were at school.

"Why did you run off yesterday." He asked peacefully. Although I remained quiet. I hoped this would all blow off but it didn't. It continued until we got off the bus.

"Please tell me why you ran off. I won't do anything." He said demanding. I shrugged and walked to my locker. There was the usual sticky notes telling me to die. I sighed and took them off. I went to my classes. At lunch, I sat by myself and ate my cold pizza. There food was horrible. Sometimes I brought my own lunch, this time I didn't. I poked at it and sighed. I had no lunch yet I was starving. I brought out my phone and and listened to my music. I listens to "Sweet Child Of Mine" on replay. I loved Guns n' Roses. I was in my own little world until someone tapped my shoulder. In fear, I shoved my phone in my pocket, fearing that they would take it. I turned around and saw the blonde. I never did catch his name. I took out my earphones.

"Hey. Just wanted to apologize for pestering you with that question." He said looking sincere. I sighed and rubbed my forehead.

"It's fine." I said eyeing him for any possible tricks.

" Cool. May I sit with you?" He said smiling. How i miss that...

"Actually I have to go. Sorry maybe next time whatever your name is." I said getting up from my seat.

"The name is Niall." He said. He looked down at his shoes. I grabbed my stuff and walked to the closest bathroom. I walked in the bathroom to see Brittany, Tiffany, Jessica, and Nicole playing with their makeup and hair. I stood still then backed away slowly hoping they wouldn't notice. Of course, the worst of luck happened. Jessica snapped her head in my direction, then the others followed.

" What are you doing here? This is the Pretty Girls bathroom!" Brittany said. Tiffany started pointing at my outfit and laughed.

"That dress is as pretty on you as a donkey wearing a tutu." She said laughing harder. I swallowed really hard. I thought this dress was beautiful. Nicole walked past me and shut the door. The girls started laughing. Soon I fell to the ground. I had an immense pain in my back. What was happening?

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