Grace Sims is a nobody. She doesn't have any friends unless you consider her family her friends. She is on her second year at High School. All year she's never had any friends. Not one. When a new student comes they're might be hope. A blonde named Niall offers Grace friendship. But Grace is a shy, lonely, lost, and broken girl, who could use some fixing. Niall spends a few days trying to figure out her. What's her story that's broken her to dust. Why can't she smile or be happy? What was so bad that it changed her life drastically. Niall's #1 goal now is to help her smile and be happy. He won't give up. That's not Niall Horan. Could he really make her smile?

*Niall NOT famous*


51. Sequel ? ? ?

Hey guys. Hope you enjoyed Smile. I have come a long way, from 3 reads to 250. So many likes, favorites, and fans joined the Smile train. Thank you so much! It has been fun writing this book and all. I feel like this book is very... Special. Maybe different. Only cause, usually books end up with the main characters together, not in this one. Although, it's similar to others cause there is a edge at the end, a hook, I guess. So yeah. Now to the most important part of this chapter, will I be doing a sequel. I will.... be doing a sequel. It'll be in summer. There may be a third, I don't know. Anywho, the sequel will be published in May sometime. Or not, maybe June. Only because I live in the U.S , I have to do state test for two or one week in May so I can't afford to fail. If I do, I get held back a grade, that's not what I need. So I may write in May and then take my break that's needed for the test, or you guys may have to wait till June. So yeah. I have a idea of what's to happen in the book. I will probably post a prologue to the book in May, maybe but probably. Thanks for my supporters. Just please understand I will be writing this new book until the end of summer maybe longer or shorter. I also need titles. So please comment some titles below and I will find a cover, thanks! Alright, see you in May or June! Love you guys and bye!

*can I just mention this feels like I am leaving a state or something, it's sad for me to say goodbye to the first smile but oh well, we will see each other again! Alright, bye! *

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