Grace Sims is a nobody. She doesn't have any friends unless you consider her family her friends. She is on her second year at High School. All year she's never had any friends. Not one. When a new student comes they're might be hope. A blonde named Niall offers Grace friendship. But Grace is a shy, lonely, lost, and broken girl, who could use some fixing. Niall spends a few days trying to figure out her. What's her story that's broken her to dust. Why can't she smile or be happy? What was so bad that it changed her life drastically. Niall's #1 goal now is to help her smile and be happy. He won't give up. That's not Niall Horan. Could he really make her smile?

*Niall NOT famous*


39. Perfect Day

I wake up and glance at my clock. The time is 9:34am. Today was Sunday January 19. I had to meet Nicole at the mall. Today we planned on going shopping instead of yesterday. I had a date with Niall but she was busy. Before my date, we planned on going shopping. At 11am, she was picking me up. It was about 30 minutes away from where I lived. I got up and showered. I dried my self before brushing my teeth. I washed my face. I walked to my closet in my robe. I want something casual. I picked a pink/purple shirt that went to my belly button. I also picked a pair of jeans that were high-waisted and light colored. I also picked a pair of converse that were white with studs. I put my hair in a side ponytail. I applied a bit of mascara. I went to my wallet and picked out $190. I stuffed the money in my pocket. I changed my phone case to a black sparkly one that said Love Pink and their logo. It was 10:56. I left downstairs. I walked out my house and texted my parents a reminder of what I was doing. I saw her car and and got in.

"Hey Girly!" She said happy and driving off.

"Hey. Sorry about yesterday." I say.

"It's fine. How was it?" She asked.

"Good. Niall took me to Jamba Juice. We had a nice kiss there believe it or not. Then he drove me to The Commons. We were at the movies. He paid for my tickets and food. We went in and watched Paranormal Activity. We left and he dropped me off at home. We kissed and said goodbye." I said leaving out the part of the guys. It's not important.

"Sounds like you guys are in love. Y'all are a cute couple." Nicole said. She turned right.

"Thanks. I think Brian has a crush on you. He always looks at you. On Friday, he asked me on if you were single. I said won't you ask her. So expect a question from him." I say looking at her. Her cheeks flush and I giggle.

"Really? He is cute, I think I like him but never saw him as a boyfriend. Now I will." She says laughing. I miss Nicole, glad we are friends. She dumped Brit for me.

"Good. Then we could go on double dates." I say. The possibilities of where to go are endless.

"Hey, what do you want to look for today?" She says. I think I need some shoes and pants. Maybe a few shirts, accessories.

"Pants, Shoes, Accessories, and Shirts. Only a few shirts and accessories." I say combing my hair with my fingers. The mall is ahead and she turns into the parking lot.

"I need shorts, pants, scarfs, and belts. That's it. How long do you want to be in here?" She ask looking for a parking spot.

"Probably 3 hours max. Maybe less. I don't want to take forever." I state, she parks up close to a H&M section.

"Great parking spot, eh?" She ask.

"Yeah, nice and close." I say. I unbuckle my seatbelt and gab my purse. I open the door and Nicole does the same. We walk to the doors together.

"Let's look at pants and shoes!" She says. The music is blaring. We walk into the direction of shoes. I pick out some flats, sandals, and sneakers. Nicole picks out flip-flops and flats. We walk to the pants. Nicole searches for shorts and finds some. I pick out jeans, leggings and shorts too.

"Ready?" She ask. I nod and walk with my arm full of pants and shoes. We go in line because the registers are full. We wait.

"I love your leggings. Might have to come back and get some." She says winking. We laugh together. I missed her.

"Nicole, I missed you. Glad we're friends and not Brittany." I blurt. Why would I say that? Hopefully she didn't change her thoughts towards me.

"I missed you too. Brittany was horrible to people, especially you. Sorry I never did anything till now." She said looking down. Wow, I was expecting something different.

"It's okay. I appreciate it." I say smiling. Feels so good...

"The line is moving." Nicole says. I walk up a bit and wait.

"Have any homework?" She ask. I think. I honestly don't know, wait I think I have science.

"I have science and language arts. The analysis questions and the Scrooge script. I have to do three boxes for Scrooge and do 5 questions." I say truthfully. She nods.

"I have science and that's it. I already did my four boxes on Scrooge." She says. Lucky!

"Yeah. You can go, I will get the next one." I say. There was a register open. Nicole walked to it and did her business.

"Ma'am." The cashier says. I walk with my clothes to the counter. I set my pants and shoes on the counter.

"Have any trouble finding stuff?" She says while scanning them and putting it into a bag.

"Nope. Thanks though." I say smiling.

"Total is $62.47. Cash or Card?" She ask.

"Cash. Here.." I say before pulling my money out my wallet. I take out 3 $20 bills, and a $5 Bill. I give it to her. She taps her screen and the register opens, she put the money in and got my change.

"Here ya go. Thanks for coming into H&M!" She says. I smile and accept my change. I grave the bag and see Nicole waiting by the door. I walk to her.

"How much?" She ask.

"$62. Yours?" I ask.

"$46. What store next?"she ask. We walk out and stand there.

"Forever 21!" I exclaim. She smiles and nods and we walk off with our bags in our hand. We arrive, I see so many cute tops and pants. Maybe we shouldn't go in here!

"I am going to look for scarfs and belts. You?" She ask.

"Um, accessories and shirts, a few. " I state.

"Meet at the cashier on level 1 in 30 minutes?" She ask. I nod.

"I will text you as a reminder." She says, I nod and we walk into different directions. I walk to a rack and look at some shirts. I pick a shirt and move on to the next rack. I select two shirts. That's it. I go to the escalator and step on. A guy is in front of me.

"Hi." He says turning around and facing me. He was cute but I had Niall, I can't cheat!

"Hey." I say openly. I don't want to flirt or hint him anything.

"You here by yourself?" He ask. Crap, he is trying to flirt.

"Uh, no. My friend Nicole is here." I say.

"Oh. Have a boyfriend?" He ask. I may have blushed at this. I can't be rude or flirty. This is hard.

"Yes I do. Sorry." I say looking down. He steps off the escalator and waits for me?

"We can be friends right?" He says. I like him.

"Yeah, of course. Nothing more and nothing less." I say. He smiles. My phone buzzes and I step aside of the escalator so I am not in the way. I press the home button. I have a text message.

From Nicole:

Hey. Five minutes. Meet me at the cashier. Don't pay yet!


I reply

To Nicole:

Okay. See you. I ran into a friend, he will come to.


I look up at him. I don't even know his name, such friends.

"What's your name?" I ask. As we walk to jewelry.

"The names Micheal but call me Mike. Your name?" He ask staring at me.

"Grace Sims. Is it okay if we meet my friend in 4 or 5 minutes?" I ask. I hope he still stays.

"Sure. Nicole?" He ask. I nod.

"Let me find some phone case and then we can go meet her." I say. We walk to a rack and I search for a phone case. I don't find one. Oh well.

"Can't find one. We can go now." I say.

"Why are you here anyway?" I ask curious as we walk to the escalator.

"I wanted to get my sister Kayleigh something for he 21st birthday. She loves this store. I was getting her a dress she wanted and some jewelry. I picked out some earrings, a bracelet, and a bow necklace. Something she's wanted." He says. How sweet.

"That's a nice brother. How old are you exactly?" I ask as we step on the escalator.

"17. Let me guess your age. 16 or 17?" He guesses.

"16. Almost time for me to get my license." I say.

"I can drive. The test wasn't that hard for me, but of course I studied and practiced at a driving school." He says chuckling. I giggle and we walk off the step. We go to the cashier. I see Nicole and walk to her.

"Nicole meet Mike. Mike meet Nicole." I say greeting them.

"Hi." Nicole says.

"Hey." Mike says casual.

"Mike here just met me. What's next on our schedule?" I ask Nicole.

"Um. Food Court! Mike want to join us?" She says kindly.

"Sure. What are you guys up for?" Mike ask.

"Do we all like Zaxby's?" Nicole says unsure.

"Yeah." Mike says.

"Yup." I say.

(* For those of you who don't know what Zaxby's is, it is like Chick-Fil-A. Very popular on the east coast of United States and in California. It is a chicken place. I have eaten there before and it is yummy!)

"Great. Let's pay and get out of here. We all go to the open cashiers. Lucky there is 5 open cashiers. We select one.

"Hi. Find everything you need?" The man ask. I nod and pull out my wallet. He scans the accessories and shirts. The total is $48.97.

"Total is $48.97. Cash or Card?" He ask.

"Cash." I say before pulling out three twenty dollar bills. I hand it to him. He puts it in his register and gives me change. I smile and take my bag. I walk up to Mike's cashier and wait.

"Ready." He says walking to Nicole. I follow and we walk to the food court. Mike was a cool guy.

We arrive and it is crowded as usual. Not a surprise!

"Okay Grace find a table. Mike come with me so we can get Zaxby's. Grace what do you want?" Nicole says fast.

"Um a Chicken Finger Plate." I say.

"Okay. Take our bags and set them down." She says. I take Mike's and Nicole's. This was heavy. I find a four-person table and sit. I look at them and they are in line waiting. I pull out my phone and check the time. It was 2:34pm. I sighed and texted my mom.

To Mommy:)

Be home soon. Just about to eat some Zaxby's. Met a friend named Mike.


I text. I glance at Nicole and Mike. They are ordering. I sit there thinking about how I am gonna do my homework. Uhh. I wait 3 minutes before Mike and Nicole return with food. They sit down and set the bags down. I open the bag and get my food. I eat it and they do the same. We are all quiet.

"I have to go guys. Thanks for the fun. My number is on the napkin. See you girls later." Mike says getting up and leaving. I get the a plain and put the number into my phone. Nicole followed my action. We threw away our food and got our bags and left to the parking lot. We got in the car fast because it was chilly. Nicole starts the car and turns up the heat. We drive off.

*30 minutes later. At Grace's Home.*

I get out and say goodbye to Nicole. I walk to my door and set a bag down to open my door. I open it and pick the bag up then walk inside. I shut the door and go to my room. I unpack the shopping bags and do my homework. I love Nicole, Mike, and Niall!

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