Grace Sims is a nobody. She doesn't have any friends unless you consider her family her friends. She is on her second year at High School. All year she's never had any friends. Not one. When a new student comes they're might be hope. A blonde named Niall offers Grace friendship. But Grace is a shy, lonely, lost, and broken girl, who could use some fixing. Niall spends a few days trying to figure out her. What's her story that's broken her to dust. Why can't she smile or be happy? What was so bad that it changed her life drastically. Niall's #1 goal now is to help her smile and be happy. He won't give up. That's not Niall Horan. Could he really make her smile?

*Niall NOT famous*


4. Niall? Is it?

  I woke up on a happy note remembering I have Choir today. I got up and hit the shower not already choosing my clothes. I washed my body and my hair. I checked the time it read 6:14am. I dried my wet body and dried my hair. I decided for a bun and neat look today. I chose a purple shirt with ruffles, jeans, and purple TOMS. I set my backpack on my bed and double-checked my outfit and hair. I think I looked okay. I grabbed my bag and got my phone. I had a flip phone so nothing special. I walked downstairs seeing Buddy chase his butt. Do all dogs do this? I headed for the kitchen and saw my mom drinking coffee, my dad eating his plate of bacon, and my little sis eating her blueberry pancakes. I grabbed a plate of bacon, blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs. I sat down and grabbed the syrup which was sticky. I hate syrup that is sticky. I ate my food and stuffed my face. It was 7:16am.

" Honey I got you a very reasonable gift. Open it." My mom said showing a gift wrapped up. I accepted it and opened it to see a beautiful IPhone 5C in Blue.

"Thanks mom. You didn't have to get me one." I said smiling a tiny bit. I felt good. I checked the clock  7:38am. I have 7 minutes to get to the bus. I said goodbye and walked to my stop. I plugged in my earphones and fell in thought about the new boy Niall. I got on the bus and listened to Royals on repeat by Lorde. Before I knew it, we were at school. I walked to my locker and opened it and saw lots of post-it notes (stickynotes). I sighed and grabbed my math book and shut my locker to see everyone staring at me. Oh my gosh i think somethings going to happen. Everyone always stares at me before i get pranked or something happens. I saw Josh and his possy walk with something behind their hand. Uh oh.

"Hey DisGrace, WE have treats for you. I think you'll find it very yummy maybe." He said while laughing. He pulled out a glass of water.

"Would you please drink it? I need you to drink this and tell me how it taste." He said smiling and trying to hold in his laughter.

"Why? What's so special about it that I have to drink it and not your friends." I said rolling my eyes.

"Just drink it, if you don't i'll pour it in your hair. I think that would be worse." He said giggling. Should I? It could be bleach or mixed with a drug? If I don't it will be poured into my hair and cause my hair to fall out. Something is deffiently wrong if he offers me water.

"Fine, BUT you have to drink it first!" I said shaking a little. I was nervous.

"No way! Drink It!'' He said yelling and trying to keep his temper controlled. I shook my head and tried to walk through the crowd that had gathred. Next thing i knew, i felt something cold, m\and moist hit the back of my head. Oh my gosh! Josh threw that water on me. Everyone was cracking up. I felt my eyes get watery and ran somewhere to get away from it all. I ran until I was tired and alone. I fell down on my knees and just cried silently to not attract attention.

"Excuse me, have you seen Mr. Reynoldson's science class?" A kid asked. I turned my head slightly to get a glimpse. He was a boy who had blonde hair and a sparkle in his eyes holding a paper and wore a confused expression on his face.

"Who are you?" I asked trying to mask my cracked voice.

"Niall, i'm new." He said with a smile.

"I'm Grace but everyone calls me disgrace." I said wiping my face.

"Why do they call you that?" He asked with his smile fading.

"My past, history." I said tucking my hair behind my ear. I sighed as he walked over and took a seat next to me.

"Do you have any friends Grace?" He asked putting the paper in his pocket.

"No." I said thinking about that question.

"Would you like to be my friend?" He said staring deep into my face.

"Is this a joke?" I said stalking off to my class. I opened the door to people staring and snickering.

"Grace, why are you late?" My teacher said with a frown.

"I helped a new student find his way to class."

"Niall? Is it? Didn't he come here yesterday?"

"I don't understand that question. Can i sit down please?" I said a bit irritated.

"Yes." I took my seat and went through the day avoiding Niall in the hallway.


Once, i got home i finished my homework and ate, then fell asleep. Not much interest in my day. It took me a good two hours to fall asleep mostly because i thought i was being too harsh or maybe he was being serious about the friend thing. I fell asleep in thought.








*Sorry i haven't been on. My internet connection has been bad. I haven't had time to update because of volleyball, and homework. I will try to update sometime twice next week but i can no longer make promises. Sorry for any grammar issues! Oh thanks for 46 reads that means so much to me!*

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