Grace Sims is a nobody. She doesn't have any friends unless you consider her family her friends. She is on her second year at High School. All year she's never had any friends. Not one. When a new student comes they're might be hope. A blonde named Niall offers Grace friendship. But Grace is a shy, lonely, lost, and broken girl, who could use some fixing. Niall spends a few days trying to figure out her. What's her story that's broken her to dust. Why can't she smile or be happy? What was so bad that it changed her life drastically. Niall's #1 goal now is to help her smile and be happy. He won't give up. That's not Niall Horan. Could he really make her smile?

*Niall NOT famous*


50. Graduation (Last Chapter)

My alarm went off. One more day till Graduation. Today was my last day at school. For the others students in Sophmore, and Freshman they had until the 17th. I was wearing a crop top and shorts. The crop top was blue and yellow and said "Bears" on the front, on the back was Tahoma. The school district. The bottom of the crop top was fringe. It was cute, for my shorts, I was wearing blue jean shorts. My shoes were regular blue TOMS. My hair was straight. I added the accessories of blue and yellow bracelets. This was my last day and I was going to be one of many wearing schools colors. I wouldn't stand out. My stomach showed but that was okay. I looked good. Right now, I was just taking out my notebook, out of my backpack. I was getting ready for school. The time is 7:14. I guess I can eat a bagel or get Starbucks. Starbucks is better! I stacked my notebooks into a neat pile. I put my backpack on my bed. I grabbed my keys, money, and my phone. I put on a phone case that was a black and white picture of the Eiffel Tower. It was a snap-on. I went to my mirror in my bathroom and double-checked my outfit. I smiled. I ran off downstairs, it was now 7:20. Time goes by fast. I grabbed a set of my keys and walked out my house. I shut and locked the door before walking to my car and getting in. I started the door and locked them. I turned the radio on, the song Story Of My Life was on. I tapped my fingers to the beat as I backed out the driveway. I turned the wheel and drove on to school.

I stopped at a few stoplights here and there. Traffic was good. I turned to the right into a parking lot for shops. I found the Starbucks building and parked in the front. How lucky am I to get a up-close parking spot. I turn the car off, and get out. I lock it with the button and walk inside. A few people are in there sitting peacefully or ordering a meal in a quite voice. Machines make there natural sound. I smile and walk in line for ordering. I wait and rest on my left hip. The line moved up. I'm next after this person in front of me. The person orders a croissant. They move aside after paying. I scoot up.

"Hi. What can I get you?" The lady ask.

"I would like a grande Caramel Machiatta. Hot please." I say. She nods and types on her screen. The price comes up as $3.12. I pull out my wallet and pull a $5 Bill. I hand it to her. She takes it and types on her screen once more. She smiles and gives my receipt.

"Name?" She ask.

"Grace." I state bluntly.

I take the receipt and walk to the side to wait for my drink. The man calls a order. The person that was in front of me picks up his croissant. The man now works on my drink. A bell dings. I turn my head, only to see that a customer walked in. I look back at the man.

"Grace!" He yells, I smile and grab my drink. It has a cardboard cup holder thing. I smile. I walk out with my drink in one hand. I unlock my doors and get inside setting my drink in the cup holder. I shut my door and lock it. Then, start the engine and back-out and drive to school. The time is 7:57. On time. I change the radio station, the song that plays is The Monster.

I turn into my school, I find a park a bit in the back but still park. I get my Starbucks drink and walk to the courtyard, following that, I lock my doors. It was really sunny and warm. I needed to bring my shades. Oh wait! I have some in my car! Yes! I turn around and walk back to my car. Once I make it, I unlock the doors and open the drivers. On the side pocket on the door, I get a pair of my dark shades. I put them on before locking my door. I sip my drink. I walk and lock. I make it to the courtyard. Lots of Juniors and Seniors are in the courtyard chatting it up. I see most of them wearing Blue and Yellow. I smile. I spot Nicole, Cassie, Taylor, and Sierra. I walk over to them.

"Hey girls. Ready for tomorrow?" Cassie ask. I nod and sip some more from my cup.

"I am so excited. Next year will be our last before we split and become individuals." Taylor says.

"Right. Kinda scary and good." I say. Sierra nods.

"Can't wait to walk down the stage. Show everyone that I will become a model." Sierra says. We all laugh. She was daring and outgoing. Everyone loves her. She's so confident, she has made it clear that she wants to be a model. She was skinny and tall, perfect combination. (No means to offend anyone).

"Sierra. You don't need to do it just tomorrow, we know you do it in the hallway too." Cassie adds. I smile. This was my new life. The one I longed for.

"Guys, check it out. Adam is looking at us. He's so hot!" Taylor adds. I laugh. We all look at him, he smiles and waves. As a reflex kind of, we all wave back.

"Wait, who was he waving to?" Nicole ask.

"I don't know, all of us?" I say with question. He was cute. I had my mind of Stephan, (from vampire diaries, same look and everything). He was cheeky and cute. Some people said that he had a crush on me, I don't know.

"Whatever. We are 1/5 taken. Nicole being the taken one. We're available." Taylor says.

"By the way, Grace. Your outfit is super cute! Where did you get the shorts?" Sierra ask.

"Oh just, American Eagle. Shirt came from SpiritWear." I say.

"I'm so glad we didn't have to bring a bag or backpack today. Who likes carrying that thing anyway?" Nicole says.

"I know right." I say. The bell rings. We all say bye before splitting into different directions. I walk with my phone in my hand, to my first class. Here we go, last day.

••*••*••*••*••*••*••*••*••*••*••*••*••*• In 4th period, almost lunch...

"Class, find a partner. This is just for fun." Mrs. Harrington says. Stephan is in this class. We were close. I looked at him and he walked over. I guess I found my partner.

"Partners?" He ask.

"Why ask when you know the answer." I say. We laugh. He was super cute. I really liked him.

"So, what's your idea for our poster?" I say. We had to make a poster for the school to say goodbye I guess.

"Maybe blue and yellow, a bear in the middle, something like that. Oh, bear prints." He says. I nod.

"Okay, let's hurry and get started. Get coloring tools. I will start making the bear." I say. He walks off. I used a sharpie to shape the head. He comes back with different colored sharpies. He makes stripes of yellow and blue. I start to color in the head. I work on the paw prints now. We shade in quickly, seeing that we only have 8 minutes left.

"Done. How much left?" I ask Stephan.

"Just.. one.... more.. stripe." He says coloring and focusing hard. I stand by him and lean on the desk.

"Done!" He says happily. I high-five him.

"Great! Mrs. Harrington will love this! Let's put our names on the back." I say. I grab the blue sharpie and flip the poster over.

"Let me see the sharpie when you're done." He says. I nod. I write 'Grace Sims', I hand the pen over to him. He writes his name. I smile at him before picking up the poster and walking to Mrs.Harrington.

"Mrs. Harrington, Stephan and me are done." I inform her. She looks at the poster and smiles.

"Good job. I will hang this at lunch. Oh my lord, we have 3 minutes." She says looking at the clock.

"Class go ahead and clean up. Fast please." She says. Students rush to finish or put up supplies. I walk back to Stephan and sit on the desk.

"Grace, what's your phone number?" Stephan ask me while pulling out his phone.

"It's 293-529-8642." I say. (Random phone number). He types it in.

"Yours?" I ask pulling out my phone and clicking the phone icon.

"Mine is 293-153-6524. I will text you over summer." He says. I save it and enter 'Stephan'.

"Grace, there's a lot I need to tell you." He says. I smile, will he ask me out? The bell rings. Nooo! This can't happen.

"Tell me at lunch." I suggest.

"Okay. Let's walk." He says, I walk with him to the cafeteria. Students are crowding the hallway. I look at Stephan. I look away, then back and he's gone. Great, I lost the boy that I like. Perfect. I continue to walk to the cafeteria. I stand by the doors, being careful not to be ran over. I see him walk past me searching for someone.

"Stephan!" I yell loudly. His head looks around before finding me. He smiles and walks to me.

"You were saying." I say.

"I don't know if you know but I really like you. I was wondering if we could go out?" He ask. My eyes light up, my cheeks, I'm sure turned pink.

"Well, I like you too. I think we should go out." I say smiling before hugging him. Usually, we do hug but not in a relationship. He pulls away and leans in to kiss me on my cheek. I smile.

"See you later or tomorrow?" He says.

"No! Today, meet me at the flagpole in the courtyard when the bell rings for us to go home." I say. He nods before walking away. I walk to my table. There's a open spot for me, I sit. I also see Annabelle and Lily, unlike this morning.

"Grace, where were you?"

"I was talking to my new boyfriend." I say smiling proudly.

"Who?" Everyone says. I laugh.

"Stephan. He asked me out finally." I say. Most of my friends smile, some wear a shocked expression.

"When?" Annabelle ask.

"Just now. In the lunchroom. He asked me then and there. I said yes." I say.

"Do you want a salad?" Nicole ask me. Every now and then, Nicole and me will get each other food from the lunchlady's.

"Yes, ceaser please." I say. She nods before leaving.

"You guys are cute. I ship Strace. Ugly name, but cute couple." Lily says making us all laugh.

"Guys. I don't think you realize tomorrow is our last day!" Cassie says.

"Cass, I think we all do. We just don't show as much excitement as you." Taylor says.

"Plus, we're all going to the Bahamas this summer." I add. Lily nods. Nicole comes back with two salads and two silverware things. I grab a salad and silverware.

"I can't wait for that trip. 7 girls, by themselves, two taken, five single. All age 18." Sierra says. I giggle. It's sure to be crazy. I dig into my salad eating. We continue to talk. All of a sudden, someone taps my shoulder. I turn around thinking it was Stephan. Surprisingly, it was Niall. Great.

"We need to talk." He says. My table goes silent.

"Niall, I don't think there's anything to talk about." I say.

"Grace please." He says.

"I am sorry, I said the wrong stuff yesterday. You can't avoid me." He says.

"Is that a threat Horan?" I ask him.

"You tell me." He says.

"What do you want?" I say smiling, still in a happy mood.

"Just come with me." He says. I shake my head. I've learned.

"You leave me no choice." He says smiling before grabbing my waist. He lifts me up. I am placed on his right shoulder. The girls at the table gasp and laugh. Gotta love them. Niall starts walking with me on his shoulder. I smile and pound his back gently, I enjoy this but hate it. People stare. Niall stops abruptly, I jerk a bit. I hear him talking. I hear a familiar voice, it's Stephan's! Oh great. Niall sets me down carefully. I turn and face Stephan.

"Grace, you okay?" He ask me.

"Yeah, fine. We need to talk, that's all, I promise." I say. He walks to me and kisses my nose. He walks away. Niall grabs my hand and runs out the cafeteria. I had no cares currently. I learned to live a little when me and Nicole went to the movies. He takes me to a hallway. We stop. He looks in my eyes.

"Grace. I miss you so much. Can we please be friends. I need you. Nothing's been the same?" He says. My smiles goes down.

"I guess we can. I really don't like this idea, but I have learned to live a little, within a short period." I say looking down.

"Great! I will drive us home." He says smiling.

"Woah, woah, woah. Niall we have to start fresh. Like we're new. For you to say that so sudden, required me to think of you as a creep." I say smile gone.

"Oh right. Can we text?" He ask pulling out his phone.

"Sure. My number is-" I say before being cut off.

"I know. Yours is 293-529-8642." He says. He still has my number. How cute, I mean, stalker much.

"What's yours?" I ask taking my phone out and getting ready to type it in.

"You don't have my number? Really? It's been five months." He says annoyed.

"Niall, we freaking broke-up. I deleted your number a long time ago. Didn't think I would need it again." I say. Thinking of my words, I realized how harsh I sounded. I looked at his face, his smile disappeared. I feel bad.

"Yeah, right. My number is 293-395-5127." He says. I type all that in. (Again, fake and random).

"Okay. Still friends. New friends. Don't do stuff to upset Stephan please." I say leaning on a locker.

"Yeah, yeah. He's a douche anyway." He says mumbling the last part.

"What was that last part?" I ask.

"Nothing. Anyway, let's get back to lunch." He says grabbing my hand. It was okay the first time but now it's not. I take my hand away from his. He looks at our hands and shakes his head. We run off to the lunchroom. I walk in some people stare, but some, meant a lot. Niall walked to his table. Stephan ran up to me.

"You okay? He didn't hurt or do anything to you did he?" He ask.

"I'm fine. He did nothing wrong. He just wanted to be my friend. No need to worry babe." I say kissing his cheek. Stephan runs back to his group. I walk to my table, all the girls are watching me.

"What was that about?" Annabelle ask.

"Niall wanted to be my friend." I say digging into my half-eaten salad.

"Was that all?" Lily ask.

"Yep. Nothing more or less." I reply.

"Anywho, back to the graduation. Guys, I need to still find a secondary outfit." Sierra says.

"What! You haven't found a outfit?" Cassie says over-reacting.

"No, sadly. I can't find a store." Sierra says.

"Just go to Forever 21. That's where I got my outfit." I say.

"Same here." Nicole says.

"Cass, just drive yourself to the mall. Go to Forever 21 and pick a outfit. I got mine from Nordstrom's." Taylor adds.

"I will." She replys.

"We need to discuss the concerts going on this year." Lily says.

"Yeah, like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and more." Annabelle says.

"I don't really like Miley." Cassie adds.

"I love her songs, just not her image." I say.

"What's your favorite Miley song on Bangerz, everyone." Nicole says.

"I'll start, FU." Taylor says.

"Mine is Adore You." Lily says.

"My favorite is probably SMS or 23." Sierra says.

"Mine is We Can't Stop." Nicole says.

"My fav is On My Own or Do My Thang. Love the beats." I say.

"Mine is also On My Own." Annabelle says.

"I bought tickets to Miley's concert." I say looking at Taylor.

"Really? How many?" Nicole says.

"Two. One for me and one for Tay." I say getting up. I had to throw away my container of salad. I grab Nicole's cause she's done and walk to the trash bins for plastic. I throw it away. I walk back to the table.

"Yeah, the tickets were about $200 to $40. The higher price, the closer to the front you are." Annabelle says.

"Are you going?" I ask her while sitting down.

"Yeah. I'm on the floor." She says.

"Really? We're on the floor too! We can all stand next to each other." Taylor says. Just then, the bell rings. I get up and hug all of the girls goodbye. It was a tradition. Plus, we wouldn't see each other till tomorrow in some cases. I feel someone snake their arm around my waist. I look, it's Stephan. He smiles. We had next class together. We walk happily.


In HomeRoom, 10 Minutes left until the students leave.

"Everyone. I know tomorrow will be hard. Saying goodbye, but it leads to a future. You may sign yearbooks." Mrs. Crane says. I get my yearbook from the back table. I got most signatures, I wanted to look at the pics. I flipped open to a random page and looked. I did this for about 8 more minutes. I grabbed my yearbook and walked to the door waiting to go. Lily walked to me with her yearbook in hand.

"Can't wait for tomorrow!" She says squealing. The bell rings. I nod and walk outside. I walk to the flagpole in the courtyard and wait. A few more people were there. I saw Stephan walk towards me. I kissed him for about a minute. His arms went around my lower back, they were cold but loving. My arms were around his neck. We pulled away.

"See you tomorrow babe." He says to me.

"Bye babe." I say walking to the parking lot, Stephan does the same. He walks to his car that's in the front. Lucky. I have to walk all the way to the back. I walk all the way pulling my keys out when I see my car. I unlock the doors and get inside. I shut the door quickly, before starting it. I pull out of the parking spot and drive home.


At home

I walk inside my house and go straight to my kitchen. I get a bag of grapes. I wash them before putting them in a bowl. I plop one into my mouth before going in my room. I shut my door and throw my yearbook into my bed. I sit on the edge of my bed and turn on my tv. I get up and open my shades. The sunlight flows in. I go back to the bed, change the channel to Too Cute on Animal Planet. I watch it while eating some grapes. I pull my phone out my pocket after feeling it vibrate. It's a text from Stephan.

From Stephan:

Hey babe. What are you doing?

To Stephan:

Nothing much. You?

From Stephan:

Watching Hercules.

To Stephan:

How manly.

From Stephan:

Hey, it's a funny movie. Don't you like Disney?

To Stephan:

Of course. Won't you come over and watch my collection of Disney movies?

From Stephan:

Yeah. Address?

To Stephan:

12345 NE 678th PL (fake)

From Stephan:

Thanks. Be there in 15 minutes. Love you, and see you

To Stephan:

Love you too, boo

I shut my screen and think. We will need food. I know he's into healthy foods. I go downstairs to the kitchen, and pull some bowls out. I have 3 bowls. All medium. I get some grapes for one bowl, some apple slices for the other bowl, and kiwi halves in the last bowl. I know he likes grapes and apples and more, but I'm not so sure on kiwi. Oh well. I grab two bowls and take them upstairs. I set them on my bed. I clean up my room before returning downstairs. Around 7 minutes left. I grab the bowl and two water bottles and take them upstairs. I get my Disney movies out. I put The Hunchback of Norte Dame in first. I pause at the previews and wait until I hear the doorbell. I get up and go downstairs to the door. I open it. There's Stephan, wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. He is so cute.

"May I come in?" He ask. I smile and nod stepping aside to let him in. He looks around as I close my door.

"I have snacks. We can go up to my room." I say leading him upstairs.

"Nice house." He says.

"Thanks. Can't wait to see yours!" I say.

"What type of snacks do you have?" He ask. At this point, we're approaching my room.

"You'll see." I say. I go inside and he follows. He looks around and sees the snacks. He walks to my bed and looks inside the bowls.

"We're watching Hunchback of Norte Dame first." I inform him, sitting on my bed. He lies down after taking his shoes off. He grabs a grape and eats it. He sits next to me and brings the grape bowl closer to us. I grab a grape and eat it. He stares at me for quite some time.

"Enjoying the view?" I ask smiling at him.

"Yes, very much." He says before grabbing a few grapes with his hand and throwing one at me.

"Hey! Not fair." I say. He laughs. He then throws a grape into the air and catches it with his mouth. Without choking.

"Throw me one." I say. I open my mouth and he throws a grape, I miss sadly.

"Aha. Try me." He says. I get a grape and throw a high toss. He catches with his mouth. He takes a second to eat, I stare at him in wonder. He looks back at me.

"How do you do that?" I ask.

"Magic." He says smirking. I laugh and get up to where I'm on all fours, I 'crawl' to him and kiss his lips. They were plump and felt good against mine. He kisses back. He gets up and pushes me back, still kissing. His arms find their way around my bum and side, mine stay on his back. He starts to kiss his way to my neck. I sit there with a spark of lust in my eyes. He goes further down. I can't.

"Step, stop please." I say sitting up. He stops.

"Right. We can't go that far in one night." He says. I nod.

"You know, we haven't even watched one bit of the movie." I point out.

"Right. Let's start." He says agreeing. We start to watch the movie.


After movie..

Right now, it was around 7pm. He was leaving soon. We were watching the beginning of Beauty and The Beast.

"Hey. I want to leave now, gotta get ready for tomorrow." He says getting up from the bed.

"Do you really have to go?" I ask him pouting.

"Yeah, sorry. Walk me out?" He ask. I nod and get up and lead him downstairs. We get to the door.

"See you tomorrow babe." He says kissing me. I kiss back and hug him.

"Same. Can't wait to see you!" I say as I open the door and he walks out. I shut it and lock it. I walk back up to my room and finish the movies.


Next Day....

My alarm went off. I slide my phone to unlock it. I groan. I was waking up at 7, and leaving at 1:30. I got out of bed stretching and still in my morning phase. I walk to my bathroom ever so tired. I brush my teeth and wash my face. I run some hot shower water. I put my towel on the door of the shower and yawn. I walk to my closet getting ready to pick my before graduation outfit. This is the outfit I am wearing until it's close for me to leave. Then I'll change. I picked out some knee-high PINK yoga pants, a grey(can't remember if it's gray or grey) shirt, and undergarments. I put these on my counter and get in the shower. I start by washing my hair then my body. I make sure the shampoo is all out of my hair. I dry myself with my towel and step out. The cold air hits my body and I quickly warm up. I put on lotion then my clothes. My hair was wet. I'll let it naturally dry. It's usually fluffy when I let it air dry. I check my face for any pimples or zits and I'm acne free. Thankful right now. I go out my bathroom and go downstairs. I hear cooking and smell bacon. Today is going to be good. I walk to the kitchen, letting my senses lead the way. My mom is hovering over the stove cooking food. She's made a lot of food. I clear my throat. She instantly looks at me.

"Hey grad girl!" My mom says sounding hip. I shake my head.

"Good Morning mom." I said sitting on a stool.

"Ready for today!" She said. I nodded smiling.

"Oh yeah! I was wondering if I could--" I said before being cut off.

"If you could eat out with Lily. Yeah. Her mom called me yesterday. Of course. Hurry and get changed. We got things to do!" She says whisking me off the school and pushing me out the kitchen. I giggle and skip to my room.


Later around 1pm.

I was putting my shoes on and struggling. It seemed like these shoes were way too small. But they aren't , 7.5 US. I was wearing a magenta skirt, black halter/croptop and black shoes. I had a black bag that had my gown in it and shoes. My hair was wavy and went to my shoulders. It was super cute. I texted Lily saying we were about to leave. Stephan texted me saying I looked cute since I sent a pic of my outfit. I smile. My make-up look was natural and clear. I put my wallet and fashion emergency kit and make-up kit in the bag. I smiled and left my room. My mom and dad were downstairs by the door waiting on me. My sister however was eating a orange on the stairs. Gotta love her. She got up and walked to the door when I passed her on the stairs.

"Honey, you look beautiful!" My dad said. I replied with a thank you. My mom took a picture of me. We left the house and got in my dad's car. He started it and we drove to the restaurant, "Pasta Roma." I pulled out my phone and texted lily.

To Lilybear:

Hey. On my way! You there?

x x xgracie

From Lilybear:

Good. Close, bout 5min away

To Lilybear:

Okay. I'm 10 minutes away. Ready to devour some pasta?? 😏

From Lilybear:

Yes!! I need some pasta in my life. Did you bring your fashion emer. kit?

To Lilybear:

Yeah. You?

From Lilybear:

Yes. Don't go anywhere without it. Gotta go. ✈️

To Lilybear:

Bye see ya🌸

I hit the send button and sighed. What's up with the airplane emoji? I'll just ask her. We arrived and parked. I grabbed my phone and opened my door stepping out. I walked to the door and opened one for my mom and dad, and sis. We went in. The lady at the stand looked our way and smiled.

"Hi. Table for four?" She asked us.

"No, reservation with Knutsons." My dad replied. The lady looked down and read something off a paper. She nodded.

"Come with me." She said. She lead the way and I followed her. People stared at us and me. A teenage boy at one table winked at me. I smiled and walked confidently. The lady lead us to a door, she opened it and there was Lily's family. I smiled at them. Lily saved me a spot next to her. I walked and sat next to her. My mom sat down next to my dad, my sister sat next to Abigail, Lily's little sister. The lady passed out four menu's. I took mine and opened it.

"Hey. Excited girls?" My mom asked. I nodded.

"Yes! We finally completed it! No more school!" Lily said excited.

"Except for college right?" Lily's dad said. I laughed along with the other family members.

"Right dad. Are you going to the after grad party?" Lily ask me. It clicked.

"Oh yeah. Mom can I go?" I asked her.

"Where is it?" She asked me.

"It's at the club Shanghai. They won't serve alcoholic drinks tonight. Other students are going and some teachers will be there to make sure nothing happens." I say. My mom looks at my dad.

"Fine." My dad says.

"Be home then by... 12am. Okay. I mean it." My mom says. I nod.

"Can we stop by the house. I have to pick out my outfit?" I ask. My dad nods. The lady comes back.

"Hi, my name is Maddy. I will be your host. Can I start you guys off with some drinks?" She ask. The table goes around saying their choice. It comes to Lily.

"Let me get a Coke." She says. The lady writes it on her notepad.

"I will have a Sprite." I reply. She writes that down and moves on to William, Lily's brother.

"What time does the party start?" My dad ask.

"It starts at nine. We meet at the high school, a coach bus will take us to Shanghai." I reply.

"Sounds okay." My dad says. I laugh.

"What college are you going to?" Lily's mom ask me.

"I was thinking about Central Pacific University." I reply. (I made that up, it may be a real college, I have no idea.)

"That has a good reputation. Have fun. Lily is going to Stanford." Her dad says. I nod.

"Wow Lily. You have to have some serious A's for that. Congratulations." My dad says. She replies with Thank You. Maddy comes back with our drinks. She gives them to everyone.

"Are you guys ready to order?" She ask. We all nod.

"Okay. Ma'am?" She ask my mom. It goes around till it gets to me.

"I will have Chicken Alfredo Pasta." I say.

"Make that two." Lily says. Maddy smiles and nods. She goes on to Lily's mom. Soon, she's done and leaves. We have conversation and soon our food comes out. The lady gives Lily and me our pasta. Lily and me love pasta. It's one of our favorite foods. We finish eating and leave. We go to the car and I ride with Lily's family. I had my bag with me. My parents didn't mind. Lily and I were on our way to the graduation place. It was at a stadium. We arrived and there were many people and cars.

"Girls, we're just going to drop you off. We don't want you guys to be late." Her dad says. I say okay. They pull up to the front of the stadium entrance. We get out the car. There was many teenage boys that I haven't seen, some were cute, but I was committed. I linked arms with Lily as we got in the line.

"Dude, this is it. Finally. 12 years of something. We're done. No more school. Just college." I say.

"Yep. I am kind of nervous." Lily speaks up. The line moved up.

"Yeah. At least we made it though. I think two people from our grade don't get to graduate." I say. We scoot up brining us 6 people away from going inside.

"This is going to take forever. Follow my lead." Lily says stepping out of line and grabbing my arm. She walks me to the front to the staff letting people in.

"Can I help you?" The lady ask rudely.

"Yes. My friend and I are grads, we need to go, like now." Lily says. The lady hesitates.

"Prove it." She says harsh.

"Show her your gown in your bag." Lily says to me. I unzip my bag and pull a little of my gown out. Lily does the same.

"Okay. Here's your wristbands lady's." She says to us. She hands us two blue wristbands, I put mine on as we walk through.

"Can you hold my bag." Lily says putting her bag in my free hand. I laugh and hold it as we walk to backstage. She finishes putting her 'band' on, we walk to one of the guards.

"Wristbands please?" The man ask. He looked like he was in his forties. He was wearing a black shirt and black pants. Original.

"Here." I say showing him my band. Lily shows hers too. He nods and steps aside. We look at each other and walk in to wear there is portables, the graduation was outdoors. We see a portable that says Dressing Room for girls. I lead lily to there. I open the door and see girls half dressed and a lady managing them.

"Girls, hurry and get changed!" The lady barks at us. Lily and me find a spot in the room, we set our bags down on the counter. I unzip my skirt and pull it down. Lily starts to get unchanged. I have black shorts on under my skirt, I then take off my shoes without a struggle, the irony. I take my black crop top off and put my clothes in my bag. I was only in shorts and a bra. I pulled my gown out my bag, and started to put it on. It had a zip up in the back, so I asked Lily and said,

"Zip this up for me." I instruct lily, she zips it up for me. I put on my navy blue heels. I go to the mirror and check my hair. It was wavy and just like I wanted it. I pulled out my makeup kit and applied some make-up. Light make-up though, I wanted a touch-up. Lily came by me around the mirror and fixed herself up. I smiled and checked my teeth. I went back to my bag and made sure all of my stuff was in there.

"Ladies, 10 minutes! Hurry. If you're done, go outside and go to the line of students, it may be a crowd." The woman says. I quickly check my outfit.

"You ready?" Lily says pulling me out my thoughts. I nod. I zip up my bag. We walk outside. Air hits my nose and I hear all sorts of loud noises. We walk down the ramp and to the crowd of girls and boys in their gown.

"Hey girls." Taylor says making me turn around.

"Hey, you look stunning." I say.

"We're all wearing the same thing Grace." Lily points out.

"Whatever." I say. Taylor laughs.

"Any signs of the other girls?" Lily ask.

"Nope, haven't seen them all day."

"Stephan?" I ask by any chance.

"Yeah, somewhere in the front. Niall was talking to Stephan by the way." Tay adds on. Oh really now.

"Okay. Be right back." I say. I make my way through the crowded crowd. Everyone's chatting and having a good time. I see a brown quiff, perfect. I walk to the boy and turn him around. It wasn't him.

"Sorry, my bad. Wrong person." I say. I continue searching. I feel someone tap my shoulder. Great Stephan found me!

"Grace can we talk." Niall ask. My face may or may not have dropped. I was truly shocked.

"Niall, it's graduation day. Please let whatever thoughts you have go away." I say before walking past him. I felt harsh and bitchy but this is my day. A day I will treasure, I don't need to be saddened. Wasn't yesterday enough? I finally saw brown eyes and a unique smile. Stephan! I walked to him.

"Hey babe." He says kissing my cheek.

"Hey. How was your day so far?" I asked.

"Girls and boys, line up in your order. Now!!! The ceremony starts in 5 minutes." The lady says with a megaphone. Everyone quickly shuffled into somewhat of a line. I stood next to a boy named Trey, another boy named Max. I was wanting to be next to Stephan. Oh well. We started to walk to our seats in the front, everyone had their hats on. I walked in public eye and smiled, I took my seat next to Trey and Max. The speaker came up and they did the traditional stuff. After about 30 minutes of yapping and speeches, it finally started. I was in the ninth line so I had a bit of a wait to go before my name was called. They started the name call. Students went up on stage, shaking hands, receiving their diploma, and sitting back down. I clapped for every name. It was time, they signaled for row nine to stand and walk to the stairs leading to the stage. I followed Trey to the line behind the stairs. They started calling students. I smiled proudly. I have been waiting for this moment.

"Trey West." The principal said. I smiled and stood on one of the stairs.

"Grace Simmons." The principal said. My face dropped, it's Sims. I heard a few laughs. I put back on my smile and walked across the stage.

"It's Sims, Grace Sims." I say shaking hands.

"Correction, Grace Sims." He principal said into the mic. I laughed and got my diploma, as I was doing all this, people cheered for me. My friends stood up, my boyfriend have standing ovation, my family were screaming. I walked down the stairs and walked to my seat. Sure that was embarrassing, I enjoyed this. As I was walking, a girl passed me a note as she was sitting down at the end of the row.

"Here." She said, I took it and sat down with it. I opened the crumpled piece of paper.

"From Niall.

Grace, I have always been passionate about and for you. I know this may be the last day we see each other before summer, even as neighbors but I want to make it count. Three words. One meaning. For two people.

I love you :)

Love Niall "

Holy crap! Niall wrote this! Niall still loves and likes me. Oh my gosh. I smiled crazily. Wait, I have Stephan. Right. I crumpled the paper and threw it on the ground. I cannot deal with this. The other students went up. It came time!

"Students, please rise. Take your hats, you may now throw them." The principal says. I throw my hat as high as I can. Students cheer. I smile and enjoy this. Sadly, it's college next. I get someone's hat and walk off the stairs. It's all over. Everything. I see my parents and make my way over to them. I take some pictures. My mom points behind me. I turn and see him. Niall, the person I could dread at this moment.

"Did you get my note?" He asked.

"Yes. About that, Niall I can't. I 'm done. This is stressful and tiring. Sorry but my heart belongs to Stephan. " I say, my eyes get watery. This hurt me too, Believe it or not.

"No, no, no. No way Grace. We belong. You know that, I do. Grace, I love you. I mean it." He says coming closer. I start to cry. I shake my head.

"No, no you don't. Niall, I'm sorry but you'll have to get over me. There's another girl, just like me, in need of someone like you in her life. That girls out there, your the bit she needs." I say while walking away.

"Grace I love you!" He yells and for a split second. I swear the world quieted down at the end of those words. I cried and walked to the portable.

I will always have a spot somewhere for Niall. He's earned. He's placed himself in my system. I can't get him out or away. I love you Niall Horan, what's stupid is that I just let my world and dream go.


AN: Thanks guys for the amazing journey of Smile. Clarifying, they are now in 12 grade, they just graduated, sorry for all the 'miss dialogue'. So they are on to college now. Sorry for the long wait. The announcement on whether or not there will be a sequel will come out on Friday. Thanks for your patience. Sorry for the 3 week wait. Worth it right, long chapter though. Super long, 3 week long's worth. Sorry and thanks for the journey. I think this story actually has become a part of me. I feel like Grace is a real person, and that display of Niall is real too, the whole thing is real. Thanks again, bye. See you on Friday!

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