Grace Sims is a nobody. She doesn't have any friends unless you consider her family her friends. She is on her second year at High School. All year she's never had any friends. Not one. When a new student comes they're might be hope. A blonde named Niall offers Grace friendship. But Grace is a shy, lonely, lost, and broken girl, who could use some fixing. Niall spends a few days trying to figure out her. What's her story that's broken her to dust. Why can't she smile or be happy? What was so bad that it changed her life drastically. Niall's #1 goal now is to help her smile and be happy. He won't give up. That's not Niall Horan. Could he really make her smile?

*Niall NOT famous*


48. Few Days Left....

*Language is once again a issue

Today was June 12. The school year went by very fast. Niall never spoke to me since the sad, tragic day in January. I deleted his number. Enough of him, I made many new friends. Including Nicole, Cassie, Annabelle, Taylor, Sierra, and Lily. My besties forever. We have a lot in common. Currently, I was in Science doing a simulation. We needed a partner and mine was Taylor. She was blonde, 17 like me, can drive. By the way, did I mention I got my license. I took my test on April 3. The day was long, the line everything. My parents got me a Volkswagen Passat 2013. It was around $28,000. Very expensive for a first-time driver. Guess you could say my parents love me. It was black. Back to Taylor, she is a good soccer player and volleyball player. She is number 19 for both sports, which is rare at our school. She got lucky! We were doing a coin toss to go over and review reproduction. Fun.

"Hey. You okay there? Spacing out. I know we have 3 says of school left but seriously.... still pay attention." She says. I snap back into reality.

"Sorry Tay. Just had to think about.. Summer. Sorry." I say focusing in work. We write the data, class ends and I walk to homeroom. I sit in my spot and Lily comes in with her stuff. She sits next to me.

"Guess what!" She says tapping her desk with her palm.

"What?" I say wanting to know what's this all about.

"During summer, my mom got me seven tickets to the Bahamas! I want you, Sierra, Cassie, Taylor, Annabelle, Nicole and me of course to go. The tickets are for July 1. We are riding in First Class! Delta!" She says out loud, some people look at us, some don't. Holy Crap! We're going to the Bahamas.

"Seriously?! How did your mom get all this money for seven teenagers?" I ask. I always knew Lily was rich but bit filthy rich.

"Let's just say, her new job pays a lot. We stay there for a full two weeks!" She says. I open my mouth in shock.

"Seriously? Lily, I love your mom!" I say hugging her. She laughs and pulls away.

"Ready for graduation in two more days?!" She says. I nod crazily.

"I am so ready! My gown is at the cleaners. I have my shoes picked, lipstick, hairstyle, secondary outfit, everything." I say excitedly.

"Really? My gown is in my closet, separated from the rest of my clothes. I have all my stuff picked. What's your hairstyle? Mine is going to be straight down." She says.

"My hair will be wavy. I tried out the look, my highlights will show in a good way." I say proudly.

"That's going to be cute. What time are you leaving?" She ask.

"I am leaving at 4:25. It starts at 6 and is a hour away from where I live. How about you?" I ask.

"I'm leaving around 4:30ish. It's 40 minutes away from me." She replies.

"We should eat together three hours before graduation. Our family's should eat out together to celebrate us!" I say. Lily nods.

"Let me ask when I get home. I love the sound of that!" She says. The time is 2:42, almost time to go. I can't wait to eat some kiwi when I get home. I was all about eating healthy now. After the break-up, I changed. I became more healthy, and more social. I was one of the most popular girls at our school. I didn't abuse that privilege. I can see my real friends and my fake friends. Luckily, I have more real. Lily leaves and walks to places. I sit there humming. The class door opens. I turn my head and look. It was Niall! Holy S--. Oops! He looks at me, he looks away quickly. He walks to Ms.Crane. He speaks to her. She points at some of the students including me and sits at her desk. Niall walks over in my direction. Oh my gosh, he's coming over! Wait! What do I do? Is he going to ask me out? Of course not! What in the earth?

"Hey. I need to take you somewhere." He says to me. I point at me to make sure he's talking to me. He chuckles and nods.

"Are you sure your talking to me?" I say in disbelief.

"Grace come on. We don't have much time. Only 15 minutes left. Hurry!" He says urging me to move faster. I get out my chair.

"Okay okay. Don't kiss your own arse." I say. He stares at me and I blush. I miss him.

"Sorry!" I say walking out the classroom.

"So... where are we going?" I ask.

"Somewhere." He says.

"Niall, look, answer the question." I say lightly punching his arm.

"Look Grace! Don't act like we're cool cause we're not. You broke my heart. You hurt me. You left out on me, all because I was protecting you. Don't touch me. My feelings for you are left untouched. Stop with the playfulness!" He says pissed. Dang. That's harsh.

"Sorry." I say. He glares at me.

"Don't say it, show it. You should be familiar with that. You've done it to me. All that relationship, I showed you my everything. Still not good enough." He says. I look at him. Okay he's not speaking the truth.

"Niall. Wait. Don't stir up sympathy. You said hurtful things to me too! You're not the innocent one. Don't even act like it. You yelled at me in the car, you kissed Brittany that morning. I actually loved, you threw it all away. So just don't pity." I yell mad. There, all done and said.

"What? First of all, the car thing was all in anger. Second, I kissed her to protect you!" He says in my ear. Some nerve.

"No. You ended up not protecting me!" I say.

"No that's not true. I did protect you!" He bites back.

"You know what. You kissed that freaking slut and didn't dare try to stop!" I say out loud. We were still walking through the hallway, surprising no one heard.

"You know what? I enjoyed every bit of that kiss! Better than yours!" He yells. I gasp. He did not. I slap his face hard. His cheek starts to turn red a bit.

"Bastard! You know what, fuck off! Don't ever fucking talk to me!" I yell before running away. Tears stream down my face. How could he say something like that? I run to the closest bathroom. I push the door and enter. I wipe my eyes and cry out. I stand there for 5 minutes crying. Someone opens the door. It's Nicole! Thank god! She's been there through thick and thin.

"Grace? Oh my gosh! What happened?" She say says rushing to me. I shake my head.

"Ni- n- Niall." I burst out, even in more tears. She gasp.

"What did he do this time?" She says.

"It's a long story. Can we just skip past it? I really don't want to talk about it now." I say. She nods and wipes my eyes with her sleeve. I love her, she takes care of me so much. I am so lucky to have her as a friend.

"Of course. Just don't hesitate to tell me. Let's clean you up for the remaining 10 minutes of school." She says. She brings out her emergency make-up kit. She applys some lipstick on me. This actually wasn't awkward. We were really close friends, close to the point of where we can get changed in front of each other. It's not lesbian or anything. (No offense to lesbians, I support).

"Let's go now. You look fine. Forget him, he's an ass anyway to not see what he has." She reassures me. I nod. We walk out.

"See you later right?" I say. She nods. We split into different directions. I skip to class happy at the thought of us going to the movies to hang out and have fun. Haven't done that in about two weeks. We were going to see Ride Along. I really want to see it. It looks funny. I make it to class. People are packing-up. I join them. The bell rings and we leave. I walk to my car. I unlock the door and get in. I put my backpack down, then my phone, then shut the door. I start the car and drive off.

I stop at a stoplight. I was happy about driving. It's just that the traffic is killer. It's long and stressful. A group of cars drives off. I need to go get some Caesar Salads for my lunch. I shall stop by Safeway. It was already 3:13pm. I was 20 minutes away from my house. Safeway is kinda in the way anyway. I drive when the light hits green. I didn't speed off because, well, I don't want a ticket. I pull into the parking lot. It's already getting dark. I have to get some salad then go home, get ready for the movies and then go. I was driving Nicole there. A way to return all the times she's driven me somewhere, which is alot. I parked in the back cause all the front spots were taken. I got out, I put my phone in my pocket and walked to the door. The automatic doors opened, I stepped through and got a cart. I needed a job. I was 17 and jobless. My mom gives me a salary of $20 a week. I had $80 for spendings not savings. I had my own account but I don't use it much. I pushed the cart to the frozen section. I stopped the cart by the fruit trays and salad dishes. I grabbed 4 salads. They were Caesar. I put them in the cart and pushed the cart to the checkout stands. I think I will go with #12. I get in line behind someone. The line moves up and I put my belongings on the belt (thing that moves stuff up on checkout).

"Hi! Did ya find everything you need?" The cashier Robert says smiling, also scanning the prices. He was cute.

"Yes sir. I am paying with cash." I say informing him. I pull out my money.

"Your total is $16.34." He says. I pull out a single twenty. I hand it to him. He takes it and opens the register. He places the money in there and hands me my change of $3.66. I take it and put it up. I grab my bag of salad and walk away. I push a cart with the others carts and exit. It's dark now. There is a man standing in the parking lot, on the same side as my car. The last time I was with a man, he tried to take me. At least I could fight now. Plus, I can throw my salad at him. That'll work. I walk, my boots squeaking. I make it to my car. He is about 17 feet away. He starts to walk over. I unlock my door and get in quickly. I shut the door and immediately lock the door. I start the car and put it in drive. I look out the window, I don't see him. I back out fast. My hands are sweaty. I look around as I back-up. When I pull out of the parking spot, the man is gone. Strange. I drive off to my house.

I park in the driveway. Our driveway was big enough to fit five cars horizontally. It's like a smooth courtyard but with grass and plants. Flowers. I turned the engine off and grabbed my bags. I step out and shut the door. I lock my car and walk to the front porch. I pull out my keys, struggling a little and open the door. I open it and step inside. My phone vibrates from my pocket. I walk to kitchen fast, rushing to set these heavy bags down. I set the grocery bag down on the island counter. I pull out the salad trays and out them in the fridge neatly. I take the plastic bag and throw it away. I pull out my phone. I got a text.

From Nicole:

Hey! On my way now! Be ready! Bring $30 in case. Don't eat!

I type back a reply.

To Nicole:

Okay. See you soon. I will bring my money ;) I haven't eaten since lunch.

The text sends. I place my backpack in my room. I sigh. I go in my bathroom. I need to freshen up before she comes. I get my hair brush, I brush my hair. I change into a purple sweatshirt, same pants, and black, fuzzy, house slippers. They matched so it's okay. I ruffled my hair and left. I got $30 from my wallet. I ran downstairs and sat on the couch. I waited a few minutes before I heard the doorbell ring. I pop up, I run to the door. I open it and see Nicole.

"Ahhh! Hey girl!" I say hugging her. She hugs back.

"Hey. Hurry it starts soon." She says stepping in. I close the door. I run to the counter to get my phone and keys. I retrieve them and leave with her. Her car is parked next to mine. I smile. I unlock the doors and get in. She follows those actions. I start my car and drive out of the driveway.

"So now can you tell me what happened?" She ask in the silence of the car.

"Niall said hurtful things to me. He came in homeroom, told Mrs. Crane something, picked me up, we walked down a hallway. We argued about our relationship, he said something hurtful, and I yelled at him. Then left. That's all. He said he enjoyed every bit of that kiss, it was even better than mine." I say. Nicole puts her hand over her mouth shocked.

"That mother-" she says before I cut her off.

"Save it. He's not worth it, as you said. Let's change the subject. Let's talk about the movie. It seems super funny." I say happily. Nicole nods, she stares at me like I am crazy.

"Hurry! We have 45 minutes. I would like to get there in time to see the previews." She says.

"Nicole! I am not getting a ticket for a movie." I say. Nicole laughs and it hits me. A pun.

"My pun wasn't even funny." I say like it was the most obvious thing ever.

"It was to me. Play the radio please." She says stretching out.

"Just because you add please to the end of a sentence doesn't mean that it's sincere. But okay." I say. I turn the radio on. I play 92.5, the song Burn was on. I hummed to the tune. Nicole rolled down the window and moved her head into the best of the song. I smile. Good ol' Nicole. I drive on.

We arrive and I find a up-close parking spot. I don't hesitate to take it. I turn the radio off and pull out my keys from the ignition. Nicole unbuckles her seatbelt. I copy. We get out and I lock the door. We walk side by side to the movies. It's dark until we get out the parking lot. Today it was colder. We made it to the sidewalk and walked to the movies. When we got there, to the plaza, we headed straight in line. There was a little wait. The movie now started in 20 minutes. We've got to hurry. The line moves up in, and in a total of 3 minutes, we are at the front.

"I would like two tickets to Ride Along, the 7:15 showing." I say.

"Okay. That's 12.42." The lady behind the glass says. I pull out a 10 and a 5 dollar bill. I was paying for the tickets, Nicole was paying for food. I handed the money to the woman. She took it and tapped her screen. I waited patiently before she gave me two tickets for the show. I grabbed them and walked with Nicole to the building. We went in and went straight to the food counter. A man walked to our register/spot.

"What can I get y'all?" He says.

"Can I get a number 6, two of those. The drink to be a Sprite and a Pepsi." She says. He nods and taps it into the screen.

"Total is $16.87. Cash or card?" He ask.

"Cash." She says before giving him a twenty. He takes it. He leaves to make our order. He starts with the popcorn.

"Geesh. The food at movies is very expensive. Now I know to eat out before coming here." She says laughing. I smile and nod. He then works on our drinks.

"I love to type of popcorn they have, just not the price." I say.

"How long till the movie starts?" She ask me. I glance at the digital clock on the wall. It's 7:04.

"11 minutes. Here he comes." I say warning her. I pay attention to the guy.

"Here you go. Enjoy your movie." He says.

"Yeah you too." I say before realizing that he worked here.

"Sorry." I say before walking off. I can hear him laughing behind me. I'm such an idiot. We walk to the little stand thing with butter. We add butter to our popcorn before walking to Theater 9. I opened the door and Nicole followed me. We found a seat in the top right. I sat down and Nicole sat next to me on my left. I set my drink in the cup holder and my popcorn on my lap. I laid back and got ready to watch the movie.

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