Grace Sims is a nobody. She doesn't have any friends unless you consider her family her friends. She is on her second year at High School. All year she's never had any friends. Not one. When a new student comes they're might be hope. A blonde named Niall offers Grace friendship. But Grace is a shy, lonely, lost, and broken girl, who could use some fixing. Niall spends a few days trying to figure out her. What's her story that's broken her to dust. Why can't she smile or be happy? What was so bad that it changed her life drastically. Niall's #1 goal now is to help her smile and be happy. He won't give up. That's not Niall Horan. Could he really make her smile?

*Niall NOT famous*


21. Can you taste the trouble?

I walked in Choir and everyone stared at me like I killed people.

"Grace why are you late? I don't see a pass in your hand?" Ms.Meline says. I walk towards her some more and try to think. Should I tell? No one would believe me. Oh gosh, I'm screwed.

"Uh. I ... ah just write me tardy." I say walking to my seat and sitting. Everyone gasp and stares at me.

"Grace Sims, I don't appreciate your attitude. Why were you late?" She says to me.

"Listen I don't--" I say before being cut-off.

"Grace you're needed again." Alex says with a pass. What the-

"What's going on??" Ms.Meline says. I shrug and still sit at my spot.

"Grace come on." Alex says tapping his fingers. He glares at me. I look back and forth between Ms.Meline and Alex. Who am I more scared of.

"Why does she have to go." Ms. Meline says. Thank you.

"Because, um, we need her for something." He says.

"Who is we. Do you have a signed note?" She says.

"Uh, Josh and me. And uh, yeah...." He says before looking at the pass. I feel myself get a feeling.

"Let me see." She says. He walk over to her and she looks it over.

"Maybe later. Not now, Grace is busy." She says before going on her piano and playing music. Alex leaves but stares at me. I slunk down and stand up and do warm-ups.

After choir, I made sure not to cause any scenes. I rushed to my next class and sat in the front. I saw Alex walk in along with Josh. I sat up and kept a good eye on them. Josh saw me and winked. I looked away. How do I get out of it? Oh lord, please help me!

"Class has started so your materials should be out." Mr. Reynoldson said before going to do attendance. I got out my science notebook and pencil. I saw a crumbled piece of paper go on my desk. Someone threw it. It was probably for me to die or something. I looked at it anyway.

note: Hey Grace. Can't wait to see you after school. If you don't meet me at your locker when the bell rings, you will truly be sorry. Love, make sure you smile. ;)

~Alex and Josh

I looked at them and they both winked. I turned around and focused. What if I got detention? Wait, my mom would be mad. Oh dang it, I am screwed. I sigh and write a data table. We fill in stuff from our past experiment. I write down numbers and convert them into percents. Yeah, in science we do math. At 2:11 the bell rings and I get up. Only 49 minutes. Great, just Great. I feel someone pull me back as I try to leave. I look and see it's Josh. I walk fast and try to lose him. I am successful. I walk to my homeroom and set my bag down. I pull out my planner and fill in homework and notes. I listen to the teacher and pull out my homeroom folder. We add permission slips to the folder. Apparently we are going to the city capital to watch a play based on Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. We stay from 9am to 2:30 pm. It's a professional play so we get to see real actors. We do have to take notes though which I don't mind. I glance at the clock and it reads 2:38pm. It's coming closer. I don't know if I do want to go. Who knows what they might do to me. I have decided not to go. I know they will do something to me but... oh gosh I don't know. I just would rather take the other chance.

"Class you may read, work on homework, listen to music. Your choice but think smart." Ms. Crane says. I bring out my phone and listen to Katy Perry's latest album "Prism". I jam out to Roar and put it on replay. I am in my own world. I check my phone time and see it says 2:57pm. 3 minutes. I pack up and everyone else begins to too. I stack my chair and wait by the door. The bell rings and I leave out before anything. I pass my locker and Josh or Alex isn't there. I get excited and run to my bus and get on. I stare out the window to see if I spot Josh or Alex. I see neither which is good and bad. Good because I don't have to worry about them finding me. Bad because they know I am not at my locker. All I know is I am bringing a spare of clothes and everything in case they try to mess or stain something. I watch the outside world pass as I go with the bus ride. I see my stop and get off. I walk inside my house and go to my room. My sister is still at school. My mom and dad are out and about. I have the house all to myself. I wish I was popular to where I could throw a cool pool party but I'm not. Plus, only Niall would maybe come over. Speaking of him, he didn't ride the bus at all today? That's strange. I do my math homework which is solving something and proportions. I finish that and make my own dinner. I make baked Tilapia and season it with lemon juice, nuts, and this green seasoning stuff called seasoning. I really am not a chef. I place it in the oven and wait about an hour. I take it out and eat. None of my family is here and it's 6:12pm. I hope they come home soon. I go upstairs and watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I laugh at some jokes that I never understood till I was older. Who knew these movies were so inappropriate. I lay down and think how am I going to deal with tomorrow. I see the time says 8:46pm. I take a shower and put my hair into braids. That way tomorrow I can put it in a ponytail and it will be wavy. I choose clothes for tomorrow which is a light teal colored blouse and jeans and converse. I decide that I will wear my pink PINK jacket. I look at the time and get in bed. I think it was 10:27. Why wasn't my family here yet? I need them. I fell asleep to Christmas movies. Boy, today I could surely taste the trouble. More than smelling it. Tomorrow I'm sure I can see it and smell it.

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