Grace Sims is a nobody. She doesn't have any friends unless you consider her family her friends. She is on her second year at High School. All year she's never had any friends. Not one. When a new student comes they're might be hope. A blonde named Niall offers Grace friendship. But Grace is a shy, lonely, lost, and broken girl, who could use some fixing. Niall spends a few days trying to figure out her. What's her story that's broken her to dust. Why can't she smile or be happy? What was so bad that it changed her life drastically. Niall's #1 goal now is to help her smile and be happy. He won't give up. That's not Niall Horan. Could he really make her smile?

*Niall NOT famous*


32. Beginning of Something New

I woke up by someone tapping my shoulder. I opened my eyes and it was my mom.

"Grace. Wake up." My mom says. I sit up but I notice something different. Niall's here? Oh yeah, we watched movies.

"Niall can't spend the night with you! Your only 17. He has to go home. It's 10:48pm." My mom says. I gently shake Niall's shoulder.

"Hmmmmm." He says moving his arms. He looked so peaceful.

"Niall wake up!" I say in his ear. He gets up. His hair is ruffled in a cute way.

"What's going on?" He ask. Oh my god, his voice is tired and hot.

" You have to go home. Sorry but you can't spend the night." I say. He grunts and gets up. I get up. I look around for my mom but she's long gone.

"I will walk you home." I say. I fix my hair and walk out my room. Niall walks next to me and places his hand in my hand. I look at him.

"This is all I am doing. It's okay." He says. I nod and walk out my door. I walk him to his house for 10 minutes. His outdoor lights are on. We arrive at his doorstep.

"Grace I appreciate all that happened today." He says. I nod.

"Thanks for understanding and not giving up." I say. He chuckles and rings his doorbell. Soon his mom opens the door.

"Hey mom. Sorry that I'm home late." He apologizes.

"It's okay." Maura says. I wave goodbye and give Niall a hug. I haven't had one of these in a long time. I leave and walk home by myself, in the dark. It makes me really nervous. I look around and see no one. I am very vulnerable, just a teenage girl, in a tank top and sweatpants. I hear a car and look at it. The car drives by. My house is only 10 minutes away from his, and I think I have walked for 2 or 3. I see my house. I cross my arms over my chest because I am freezing. Going out the house in this wasn't a good idea. Another car approaches and stops. I stare at it and walk faster. The car pulls up to me. It's a pickup truck and a man is driving it. He looked 40 ewww.

"Hey little lady, need a ride?" He ask. I keep walking.

"No sir." I say while walking. I am like 7 minutes away.

"You sure?" He ask with a bit of anger. I start running to my house. He speeds and tries to catch up with me. I go through a trail and trip over a branch. I roll down some. I hear a truck door open and close loudly. I get up quickly. I see a beam of light. He's looking for me. I run once I see my fence. I climb a little bit and run. I hear footsteps and I run faster. I come to a part of my fence that I plan jumping over. I try to climb over and I do succeed. I fall over the fence. I scramble off my feet and go to my backdoor. I bang on it furiously. Kylie comes to the door and opens it. I run in and lock it quickly.

"What's a matter?" She ask. I am out of breath.

"Something happened. Don't go outside. Actually shouldn't you be in bed?" I ask while taking her upstairs. She goes in her room and I go in mine. I don't think I will clean up our floor bed. I lock my balcony doors and make sure all my windows are locked. I put my hair in a bun. I turn off my lights and go to sleep in our floor bed. Niall and me and the beginning of something new!

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