Grace Sims is a nobody. She doesn't have any friends unless you consider her family her friends. She is on her second year at High School. All year she's never had any friends. Not one. When a new student comes they're might be hope. A blonde named Niall offers Grace friendship. But Grace is a shy, lonely, lost, and broken girl, who could use some fixing. Niall spends a few days trying to figure out her. What's her story that's broken her to dust. Why can't she smile or be happy? What was so bad that it changed her life drastically. Niall's #1 goal now is to help her smile and be happy. He won't give up. That's not Niall Horan. Could he really make her smile?

*Niall NOT famous*


22. Alex and Josh the Sweethearts

I left for the bus and waited at the stop. I didn't see Niall so far. I need him to help me they through today. The bus came and I got on. I sat by myself, no Niall. I wish I had his phone number and the I Could see if he's sick. I sighed and played my music. I listened to Holy Grail and Applause in the way to school. I walked off the bus and was immediately taken into the building. I tried to scream but no one heard. Please help. I saw Josh on one side of me, Alex on the other. They lifted my arms and sides and carried me away. I tried to jerk around but they held me. As we were going through hallways, I saw a clock that read 8:23am. Students will be coming in 7 minutes. They can't do anything within that time right? I see a teacher walk by and Josh and Alex casually walk while holding on to me. She smiles but looks at us weird. I try to signal help secretly so they don't see.

"Help me please." I blurt out. The teacher stops and so do we. Josh elbows me in my ribs and Alex is thinking of what to say.

"What?" She ask before coming over to us. I crouch down in pain and manage my breathing.

"She said that because she wants to get out of KMAD, ya know, Kids Making A Difference. We have to do a project and Grace is a bit lazy." He says smiling. I glare at him on that last part.

"Yeah, but since she's a member she has to come." Josh adds on while pulling me back up.

"Nod." Josh whispers in my ear. It sends chills and I nod.

"Okay then. Have fun! Oh keep an eye on the time guys." She says before leaving down the hallway. I get scared of what's to come. That was my last hope and chance. Why didn't I take it? I check the clock and it now says 8:26am. If I can stall, maybe I can get out of it. As if a miracle, my science teacher Mr.Reynoldson. Perfect. All I need is a excuse...

"Aye. Mr. Reynoldson, I have a question on yesterday's lesson." I say while winking at Josh and Alex.

"Yeah?" He says walking over.

"So, did we have to finish our calculations? I don't think we discussed that as a class." I say twirling my hair. It was wavy and I felt so happy about that. Braiding your hair is worth the time.

"Uh. I don't know. What parts do you still have to finish?" He says.

"I think the backside and Part C and D." I'm say truthfully. I didn't finish. He sighs before saying "Ok. Just be at class early so you can finish it. If not, then it will be homework for you and all the other students who didn't finish." He says. Suddenly the bell signals and the chatter of student is heard. Students start to fill the halls.

"Okay. Thank you." I say before trying to walk off. Josh and Alex look extremely mad right now.

"You know what. We will continue this. Next time we won't be so nice." Alex says before pushing me. Josh walks up and rubs his hand down my shirt. I feel uncomfortable.

"We will continue that, I just have you a preview." He says before winking. He then walks off. I go to my first period and I'm disgusted with Josh especially. I attend all my classes.

Then it came. Lunch.

I was in the lunchroom eating Lays chips. I saw Josh and Alex enter and look around. Crap, they're looking for me. I decide to get up and walk away to the opposite exit. I look back and Josh spots me.

"Come here Grace!" He yells before charging, Alex follows closely. I drop my chips and run. I don't know where I'm going, but I know for sure it's not here. I am so close to the exit but Josh's Neanderthals block it. I scream for help. I turn around and see Josh and Alex are still running. I then run up to the lunch lady's and ask for them to call the principal. One of the lunch ladies says yeah. She then heads off and goes to the walkie-talkie. I feel arms grasp around my waist and lift me.

"Noooooooo!" I yell. People stare, some laugh, few call for help. At least some care. They roughly throw down on the ground. I try to crawl away but someone get on top of my back and pulls my hair. They yank it and slap my head. I try to hold my body by scratching the ground. The person on top of me gets off and suddenly I am dragged. I scream and people take pics or record me. Niall where are you? I jerk my head to look behind me and see that Alex was dragging me, we were headed for a supply closet. Now I am scared. I start to kick my legs around. Trying to make this very difficult. We reach the doorframe and I extend both my arms out to hold on to the doorframe. I scream. Now I know how people in horror movies feel. It's not fun. I feel someone yank me by my pants. I let go and try to pull my pants up. Instantly the door shuts and locks. I am now in the dark, stuck with Alex and maybe Josh. I hear the noise of duct tape. Shoot. I back myself away from the noise and bump into a broom. I grab the handle and swing it around the noise area. I hit something and stab them. I rub to the door and twist the handle. The door opens and I run out. Everyone stares at me. Josh tackles me and gets on top of me. He then tries to remove my shirt. I scratch his face and slap him. I use one hand to hold down my shirt and the other to fight. He grabs a good chunk of my hair and pulls it. I instantly reach for my hair with both hands. He let's go and lifts my shirt to my belly button before I knee him. He crouches in pain and I kick him off. I run and Josh's crew surrounds me. I feel small, weak, and frail. I scream and no one helps. Please Niall! I see a very small gap and I run for it until one of Josh's goons grab me. They pick me up and lift me. Since we were close by the door, there was a wall. Josh's friend who picked me up, had thrown me into the wall. I fell to the ground and my arm hurt like crazy. That's what hit the wall first and then my body pressure pressed against it. I was in so much pain. I lied there and just busted out crying. Someone pushed their way through Josh's crew and it was surprisingly Niall!

"Grace!" He said running towards me. His face looked shocked.

"Who did this?" He said while staring me in the eye. I looked towards Josh's crew. His shocked expression turned into anger. He got up and looked at Josh. He pushed him against the wall. Niall was mad. Josh pointed towards Alex and I have never seen Niall run so fast. He ran to Alex and pushed him. Alex was saying something but I don't know what. You could tell Niall was so mad. I am actually scared a bit. I clutch my shoulder as a wave of pain hits my shoulder. I can't help but scream a bit. Niall's head snaps in my direction. He runs to me.

"Are you ok? Where does it hurt?" He says. I really can't talk right now but I manage to say two words.

"No. Shoulder." I say clearly in pain.

"Tell me if this hurts really bad. Just say kitty." He says before gently squeezing my arm. It hurts like crazy and I say "Kitty". He smiles trying to lighten my mood until Josh comes over and kicks Niall. Josh smiles.

"Don't tell me what to do!" He yells. He comes towards me and yanks my arm that's connected to my pained shoulder. I yell in pain. It feels like someone ripping of my shoulder. There's also a burning feeling. Josh pulls me by my arm. I help in pain and Niall got up. He tackled Josh. He started punching him for a few seconds. Then he stopped. He looked at me and ran again towards me. Just then, the principal came into the lunchroom. Josh's gang moved out the way. As soon as the principal passed them they ran and left. I sighed and sat there clutching my shoulder. The pain was unbearable.

"What is going on?" He yells. Clearly he's mad too.

"They were fighting over Grace." One student says, lots of people laugh. Even the principal. I skunked down, feeling so embarrassed. He realized it wasn't a joke and straightened up.

"Really?" The principal sad with utter disbelief. He's supposed to make students feel better not worse.

"Who's involved?" He said.

"Grace, Niall, Josh and Alex. Those were the main participants." Another student said.

"Did anyone get hurt?" He says. I know he saw me clutching my shoulder, he looked right at me while he was laughing. Jerk.

"Grace did!" Niall yells.

"You looked right at her. How could you think she's not hurt!" He yelled frustrated. No ones ever defended me. Although I don't want Niall getting in trouble because of me. I would feel horrible. He may not want to be my friend, then he could bully me, and spread rumors like the others do. Would he do that?

"Niall it's okay. I can defend myself. Josh and Alex attacked me. That was all." I say looking at my shoes. I had never told anyone that I was bullied.

"Grace, it seems to me that you have gotten into a lot of situations and fights. I think Josh and Alex are innocent. They would never do that! Please stop lying to me." The principal says. He shakes his head. This is why I never say anything, no one would ever believe me. My eyes get watery and I wipe my tears. I look at Niall and his face softens.

"How could you not believe her? I saw it, they saw it, we all saw it!" He yells at the principal.

"That's it Horan! Detention!" The principal screams. I jump back shocked. He never screams like that. Niall must hate me. Dang it! I always manage to screw up!

"Fine then. But you need to be smart not stupid!" Niall yells.

"1 weeks worth of detention, Horan." He says writing the forms. Crap, Niall should have kept his mouth closed. He walked hit with Niall behind him. I sigh and fix my hair. People stare and all I do is walk to my locker. There's no Alex and Josh in sight. I get happy and open my locker. I checked my mirror and shut it. I continued class and nothing happened. I went home and snacked on celery. My mom hasn't texted me letting me think that she found out. She will be mad at me. All hell is going to break loose if she finds out.

*super duper long chapter, you are so welcome. Next chapter probably won't be till Monday. I will be writing drafts for chapters so yeah.*

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