Days of love . chapter 1


1. meeting.

There was one girl called Patricia ,she was very pretty andclever.Her eyes were blue,her skin was white and she was blonde. She was a student . Everyone Loved her. There was one more student called Avan . He was just like Patricia . He was a boy. Once they went at the Chinese restaurant . There was a party night in the restaurant . 

Avan said:

-HelloAndmy name is Avan and what's your name?

-My name is Patricia.

Answered Patricia.

-Can we dance.

 -Asked Avan.

-Of course.

-answered Patricia.

When they went at home. Patricia thought what Avan was pretty  and Avan thought what Patricia was pretty.

In the morning , Patricia went at Avans home.Avan  felt very happy when he saw Patricia.

He said :

 - Hey, you can come again in the evening. 

- That looks like a date.

Said Patricia.

-Because it is a date.

Said Avan.


answered Patricia and she went at  the mall to buy some clothes and shoes for the date. She wanted to be very pretty.








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