The Agreement

Bridget thought everything was great, great body, great life, great boyfriends. That's right boyfriends, Bridget never expected to be caught up in such a love triangle but she finds herself in between two boys who have a special agreement. When Bridget finds herself favoring one will she lose the other?


2. Welcome To My Life

"Bridget! Get your gorgeous ass down here!" my boyfriend Logan shouted,

he was tall with shaggy black hair which felt like silk  between my fingers. 

  "I'm coming!" I shouted with a smile on my face,


Hi I'm Bridget but most people just call me Bree, I live on my own in my flat in London. I'm 5'7 and have long dirty blonde hair that almost reaches my bum, it's naturally wavy which I love, my eyes are deep blue like the ocean, well that's what my mom used to tell me, she died two years ago leaving her 17 year old daughter to fend for herself.   Logan and I have been together for five months and I feel like I'm ready to give myself to him, he's told me he loves me and I genuinely believe him. I've had sex before, during spring break a couple years back, could I remember his name now? Most definitely not.   I walked down the stairs in my black tights and a loose fitting shirt with a Beatles album cover on it, it was my favorite shirt. I put my hair up in a ponytail and slipped on some purple VANS and slipped out the door and locked it. Logan was waiting at his car, impatient much? It was our five month anniversary and he wanted to do something nice so of course I didn't argue.   I reached him and held my hand out for him to take, he rejected it and pulled me close, burying his face in my neck and groping my ass like is was a stress ball. He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear,

  "Finally, I've been waiting for an hour," he sighed, I put my arms up and pushed him away,


"It's been ten minutes Logan," I said sternly,

  "Get in," he said as he walked over to his side of the car clearly mad I had prove him wrong, what a hopeless romantic right?

  "What are you doing tomorrow?" he asked while driving,


"I have to take Julia to a concert or something," I explained,


   "I don't know if that will work," he returned, what?

  "Why not?" I asked,


"Because in all honesty I plan on ramming you so hard that you can't walk straight, tonight," he said with a grin,

  "I had no idea this had been planned," I scoffed,


"Well that's what we're doing, how about we just cancel the reservation and get straight to fucking?" he asked,


"How about you eat shit and stop the car," I shot back,


"Woah, relax psyco," he laughed,


"Stop the fucking car!" I shouted and his eyes widened , he pulled over and I got out,


"Hey! Bree! Come back!" he yelled,

  "Why so you can get a good fuck?" I shouted,


"No, I don't need you for that, I have six other girls waiting to hear from me," he smiled, I marched back to him and punched him in the throat, he collapsed and I walked away, luckily it was only a five minute walk from my place so I wasn't stranded.   I made back in three minutes because I had been walking so fast and decided to just go to bed, Julia my little sister would be here at 3 so we could go to the concert, I didn't even know who we were seeing....


  *next morning*   I wasn't tired at all, I went to bed early and slept in until 11 I had loads of energy, first I showered and blow dried my hair then pulled it back into a neat sock bun, I put on some makeup which consisted of eyeliner, mascara, a like foundation, and gloss. I pulled on a shirt that was floral and loose, my bra pushed my 34DD's out the top of it and my dark jeans made my ass look great, who knows who might be at the concert right? I put on my glasses and decided I'd wear them tonight, I hated contacts so I made some food and by the time I was finished it was 3:00, Julia would be here any second. Julia was 16 and very bubbly, she had long brown hair that was pin straight, it just reached the middle of his arms, she had beautiful ice blue eyes, much different from mine. I loved her to bits which is probably why I agreed to go to this concert with her. There was a light knock on the door and I jumped over to answer it, I let in a smiley Julia who was excited beyond belief. 


"Ready for some One Direction action?" she shouted,


"What?" I asked, I had heard the name before but it didn't really register,


"One Direction! I gave you their CD to listen to!" she laughed and pulled my out the door, after I quickly slipped on some red TOMS.   We drove for about fifteen minutes before reaching the O2 and Julia was almost teary eyed, I just laughed.   We got out of out car and went in, we found our seat and sat down, waiting for this opening act to start, something announced a band called five seconds of summer and Julia went nuts.

  *20 minutes later*

  The opening act was still playing and I really had to pee, I walked out to the washroom and the line was massive, I really had to go and wasn't waiting in line so I went over to a small fenced area and quickly hopped it and ran to the nearest washroom, I went as fast as I could, clearly nobody was supposed to be back her so I had to be quick. I washed my hand and leapt out of the room only to jump on someone knocking us both to the ground.

  "Shit! Sorry!" I exclaimed as my eyes met his beautiful blue ones, a bit lighter than mine. His hair was a mix of blonde and brown, he was gorgeous,


"It's fine.." AAHHH IRISH! I thought,


 "I don't think you're supposed to be back here though.." he said nicely,   He helped me up and I fixed my hair,

  "Yeah, the fences kind of hinted to that but I really had to go," I laughed nervously nodding to the washroom,


"Okay then..." he smirked,   "Fan?" he asked,


"I'm sorry?" I asked confused,


"Are you a fan?" he laughed,


"Of what?" I said really confused,

  "The band performing tonight..." he said softly,


"Never heard of them.." I explained,


"Really? Most girls have.." he chuckled clearly surprised,


"I guess I'm not like most girls," I smiled,

"Definitely not," he grinned,    I blushed and nudged him for being so flattering, I large voice came through an ear piece in his ear yelled commands I couldn't decipher,   His face turned to sadness,


"I have to go.." he sighed,


"That's fine.. My sister is probably worried anyways," I sighed as well,


"I'm guessing she's the fan?" he smiled,


"You have no idea," I laughed,


"I think I might," he smirked,

"Nice meeting you..." 


"Niall," he told me,


"Niall," I repeated with a smile,   I turned to walk away when a hand caught my wrist,


"Is there any chance I could see you again?" he asked nervously,


"What are you doing after this?" I asked,


"Give me a fucking minute!!!" he shouted, My face filled with shock,


"Oh! No, no no no no! Not you! My manager," he explained, I sighed I relief,


"Look! I really have to go! Meet me here after the show!" he shouted as he ran off, I got back to my seat just as the main act was coming out, I heard screaming and shouting of names, must be the boys in the band. That's when I heard one girl scream,


"I LOVE YOU NIALL!" she screamed, hey I just met a Niall.. That's when I saw it, his blonde hair appeared on the stage much more styled than I had seen it before and he was in much different clothing than the clothes I saw him in, swear pants and a tshirt but now he was all dressed up and I must admit, looked really hot.


*After the show*


"Oh my god! That was amazing!" Julia shouted as we were walking out, I led her to the fenced area where I had snuck in and planned to do it again to see Niall but the crowd was massive and people were everywhere. Luckily Julia and I made it past but not without her squeaking,


"Where are we going?" "are we supposed to be here?" "won't we get in trouble?" over and over so I turned to her,


"Juls! Just shut up! Please!" and walked faster, I hear his voice loudly in the distance but then as his shadow approached a large security guard appeared in front of us blocking my view.


"What the hell are you doing?" he said sternly, 

"Niall... Told me to meet him back here," I explained,

 "Cause I haven't heard that one before," he said sternly then grabbed my arm to push us out, his grip on me was tight and I let out a sharp yelp, I guess it caught people's attention because soon lots of faces were visible, most of them annoyed because they thought another "fan" had got loose backstage but I was being honest, then I saw his blue eyes again and he offered me his hand, I took it and he pulled me away from the security guard.


"I invited her back here, her names..." he cut himself off realizing he hadn't gotten my name,


"Bridget," I whispered to him,   "Bridget," he smiled as he told them.

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