The Agreement

Bridget thought everything was great, great body, great life, great boyfriends. That's right boyfriends, Bridget never expected to be caught up in such a love triangle but she finds herself in between two boys who have a special agreement. When Bridget finds herself favoring one will she lose the other?


4. Time Flies

After that night I got really close with all of the boys, Liam was like the older brother I never had, Louis was like my eccentric best friend, Zayn was like my buddy who I could tell anything, Zayn and I were the closest, I could sit and talk to him for hours, and then there's Niall and Harry, I knew both of them felt strongly for me but the truth was I felt the exact same way about both of them, I know it sounds slutty but I can't help myself and who my heart chooses. The boys asked me to go on tour with them and because I had just gotten fired and Julia was being a total bitch I decided to join them, a month into the tour I was on the bus alone, the boys were at rehearsal, I changed into some track pants but forgot a top back at my bunk, I had a bra on but it was lace and made my boobs look massive, I did like the bra though regardless. I was grabbing a shirt when I heard someone clear their throat, I quickly looked to see who was seeking my attention but it wasn't just a who, there were two people begging for it. Niall and Harry.


"We need to talk," Harry said sternly,

"O-o-okay...." I stuttered nervously,

"Don't be worry Bree, its nothing wrong," Niall smiled and comforted my fear, he always knew how to do that,

"You need to tell us something," Harry said,

"What?" I asked scared, Niall held my hand,

"You need to tell us who you want to be with," he said softly and looked down,

"But I...." I didn't know what to say..

"We both really like you Bridgy, we just need to know what you want," he explained,

"Both of you..."I muttered,

"What?" Niall asked surprised,

"I want both of you," I said softly,

"Done," Harry smiled and left,

"If that's what you want, I'm fine with sharing," Niall smiled,

"I....." I was speechless, Niall gave my hand a final squeeze and left the room and went back to rehearsals. I went to get up when his face appeared at the door again,

"Fucking smoking bra by the way," He winked at my as he ran back to the arena.


*One Month Later*

Niall and Harry have actually been great about sharing me, they both know I care about them equally and take turns having me, although I share a bed with Niall most nights, mostly because he comforts me so much, but tonight on my way to Niall's bunk a hand caught hold of my wrist,

"Bridgy..." Harry said quickly,

"Yes love?" I asked as I turned to face him and wrapped my arms around his neck,

"Come sleep with me tonight?" He asked softly as he nuzzled his face into my neck,

"Of course, let just go tell Niall," I smiled and went to Niall's bunk, he looked exhausted,

"Babe?" I asked quietly,

"Mmm?" he mumbled,

"I'm gonna sleep in Harry's bunk tonight okay?" I asked softly,

"K..." he muttered, poor thing, the tour has really wiped him out.


I made my way to Harry's bunk and he was sitting up in his bed shirtless on his laptop, I sat in beside him and started kiss his exposed collarbone,

"Umm... Bridgy.." he said nervously,

"Mmm?" I hummed as my kissed moved lower,

"I'm doing a twitcam..." he mumbled in shock,

"oh shit!" I exclaimed as I jumped out of bed,

"My girlfriend ladies and gentleman! The finest sailors mouth around!" he chuckled,

Oh shit... I'm public with Harry now... What will Niall think?

"Love its fine, let the fans see your beautiful face," he smiled,

I shuffled into his bed and he put his arm around my waist holding me close, I just looked nervously at the laptop, I didn't know what to do,

"Everyone, this is Bridget Butler, my girlfriend of officially one month today," he grinned,

Then that's when the comments came in,

"She's ugly!"

"What a slut!"

"Gross! You like that?"

"Awe so happy for you Harry! She's Pretty!"

"That's disgusting,"

"Go kill yourself ugly bitch,"


I kept reading and Harry saw my face fill with sadness and tears start to form in my eyes, one slid down my cheek and his gaze followed mine and he read what the fans were saying, I got up and ran to the bathroom and locked myself in.


Harry's POV:

She ran so fast I didn't have time to comfort her or stop her, I read more of the comments and my head filled with anger and rage,

"One question for all my amazing fans..... What the fuck is your problem?" I shouted as I closed the laptop and threw it to the end of my bunk not really caring if it broke, I made my way to the bathroom and knocked on the door.


Bridget's POV:

I couldn't believe that happened, I did nothing to them and they were so quick to judge me, it broke my heart.

There was a knock at the door and Harry pleaded for me to come out but I couldn't face him, I'm not the crying type of person and what kind of girlfriend am I to cry like a baby in front of my boyfriend because some girls said some mean things. I just couldn't leave my spot on the floor in the bathroom. A few minutes passed and there was no noise until a soft knock hit the door and a soft voice followed,

"Bree... Its Niall, can I come in?" he asked sweetly and calmly,

"No... I'm gross and disgusting, and an ugly bitch," I pouted,

He chuckled and I heard the lock on the door quickly move and Niall appeared in the doorframe, he closed and locked the door behind him,

"I told Harry to get some sleep, he's sleeping like a hibernating bear," Niall laughed as he sat down beside me,

"Now, whats wrong?" he asked,

"The fans... they hate me..." I muttered,

"So you cried?" he asked confused,

I just nodded,

"Come on Bre, the Bre I know is the strongest girl Ive ever met, the Bre I know dealt with her mothers death on her own and look where she is now, on tour with a boy band who buy her everything," he chuckled and winked at the last part,

I couldn't help but smile,

"There's that gorgeous smile, come on, I'm taking you to my bunk," He smiled and helped me up, he led me to his bunk and we both snuggled up to eachother, his hand travelled down the my hip and slid under the band of my pajama pants, it moved to the front and a gasped at where it found itself.

"This okay?" he asked nervously,

"Y-y-yeah," I stuttered nervously,

"Good," He smiled sweetly and adorably,

He then used his hand to pull down my pajamas and brought my face between his hands, he kissed me passionately and softly,

"I love you Bridget," He smiled,

"I love you too Niall," I chuckled as he pulled me close and we started to kiss again but this time it was much more passionate and romantic, the kiss was deep and sexual and the tension between us rose rapidly, he pulled off his own shirt then mine, our actions too quick to think. He then removed his boxers leaving him naked and leaving me in only my bra and underwear, I guess you can tell what happened next, I made to love to the man I love in a place I love, it was the greatest night of my life, it was passionate and romantic and sensual. I could feel his love and it was the most amazing feeling of life, we tried to stay as quiet as possible but I almost positive I heard Louis mutter, "Seriously?" and adjusted himself so he couldn't hear, Niall and I laughed as we cuddled up together and his hand played with my hair, I was head over heels in love with this boy.


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