The Agreement

Bridget thought everything was great, great body, great life, great boyfriends. That's right boyfriends, Bridget never expected to be caught up in such a love triangle but she finds herself in between two boys who have a special agreement. When Bridget finds herself favoring one will she lose the other?


3. The Boys

Niall brought my sister and I back to the boys' dressing room and decided to introduce us to the boys, Julia was freaking out.    "Guys, this is my friend Bridget and her sister...." he said,   "Julia," she announced with a massive smile.   I really didn't know how to feel in that moment, I wasn't excited but I wasn't nervous either until my eyes met a pair of emerald green ones. His eyes were kind and big and hair lush and curly, he had prominent dimples and s gorgeous smile, he looked like a model and I was loving the eye candy, luckily I was sneaky so he hadn't caught me staring at him but when I looked back over I caught him staring at me, his name was Harry.   "So you guys want to come with us for a bite?" the whose name I learned was Louis asked us,   "I would love to, can I just call my mom really quick?" she asked excitedly, Louis nodded and she left. Julia and I have different moms, my stepmom, Julia's mom was a bitch, I'm surprised she even let Julia out to the concert she is so strict, I'm glad I live on my own, sometimes I really think Julia takes after her..   "What about you beautiful?" Harry asked as he stood up and moved closer to me hoping to get a better look at me I guess.. Niall's hand tightened around mine and I looked over to notice the bruises forming on my wrist, the boys' eyes followed mine and they noticed them to,   "What happened?" Louis asked,   "That security guard was pulling me out and his grip was a little tight," I smiled lightly hoping they would brush it off, but that didn't happen.   Harry's face turned to anger and he quickly left the room, soon Liam, Zayn, and Louis followed once yelling was heard,   "Stay here, Harry gets pretty protective," he said as he quickly followed the boys out looking really concerned and scared,    Protective? What does he have to be protective of? Me? That's weird...   After a few minutes passed the boys returned with the security guard who looked frightened, Harry had his hand gripped around his collar tightly, I could see his knuckles turning white.  I slowly walked over and removed Harry's hand from the mans collar, I wanted to let go but feared what would happen if I did so I just held his hand in my own.    "Kyle, has something he'd like to say to you," Liam said sternly,   "I'm sorry I hurt your wrist, it's just this happens a lot so it's habit," he explained,   "It's fine, really," I smiled, his face lit up and he silently left the room.   "Now that we've handled that, everyone good with McDonald's?" Harry asked,   "Yupp." everyone agreed as Julia re-entered the room, we were leaving the concert venue when Julia stopped me in the middle of the parking lot,   "How do you know Niall?" she almost yelled, clearly angry,   "I met him while the opening act was on," I said nonchalantly and tried to brush it off, she grabbed my arm and pulled me back in front of her,   "And you didn't tell me?" she yelled, I just shrugged,   "Give me the keys, I'm going home," she said sternly and I obliged, the thing about Julia is that when she's angry you don't get in her way, she stormed off and I awkwardly stood there, Harry noticed my absence and ran back to me,   "Hey beautiful, what's wrong?" he asked,   "My sister just left with my car, can I have a ride home?" I asked very embarrassed,   "Of course," he smiled and took my hand as we walked to his car.   "Meet you there?" he asked the other boys,   "Yeah!" they all agreed with smiles and got into a few different cars. We drove for a little while, Harry and I talked about pretty much anything, we found out so much about each other and I think at that point I had begun to fall for him.   "So your names Bridget," he said calmly    "Yeah," I smiled,   "It's a lovely name, but I feel like I need to shorten it, a cute nickname maybe?" he grinned,   "Well most people call me Bree," I told him,   "Well, I'm not like most people," he looked into my eyes then back at the road,   "Then you decide," I smiled and moved my hand to his leg and his eyes widened in excitement,   "W-w-what's your last name?" he stuttered, clearly a little taken by the feeling of my palm on his inner thigh.   "Butler... Don't shorten that!" I laughed, and he did the same. "How about BB?" he asked, still distracted,   "No," I shook my head,   "How about Bridgy?" he asked with a grin,   "Sounds like I can't prevent you from sticking with it," I grinned back,   "No chance in hell, Bridgy," he laughed as we pulled into the parking lot of macdonalds.   He parked his car and shut it off, he opened his door but quickly kissed my cheek before exciting and walking towards the other boys, I got out of the car and was met face to face with Niall, he kissed my untouched cheek and smiled, he laced his fingers with my and I felt tingles all over my body, oh shit....
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