The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


2. Ximena

Stumbling about, her green duff coat filled with pens, as she scrambled to her locker. She struggled to turn the combination, relief flooded her as she heard the click of the lock unlocking. FINALLY, glad was she that she hadn't forgotten the passcode, again. But she gasped as she surveyed the content. Spilling from it, past papers, books and art brushes. Sighing she dumped her books on the floor and quickly started to pick them up. Two trainers came into her sight.
"Need any help?" Amos looked at her concerned, they stayed like that for a moment, but it was only for a moment or so before she replied without batting an eyelid. "No its fine."
He paused, seemingly to think twice, then he shrugged and walked off to meet his friends already hoovering by the door of the next class.
She sighed heavily, a spectrum of mingling emotions flooding her. Despite her cool exterior it wasn't so easy to let go of the past it ssemed. She picked up the last paint brush, then using her hands, compressed the content into her locker and then slammed the locker heavily, she leaned against it so it wouldn't all fall out again.
Heaven forbid something be let slip.
What a way to start the day she thought, pulling an unhappy face as she blew a stray hair strand that had fallen out of her already messy ponytail.
However her expression quickly changed as she grinned as Jacques came by. "Dreamy or what?" she thought. Tall, chestunut hair, sharp artistc face and her best friend, although if it was down to her- her boyfriend.  He came to halt in front of her, and asked "ready for art?" She nodded, grinning like an idiot.
"Oh I also really wanted to talk to you about the gallery opening as well!" Again she nodded quickly, so not to let the opportunity slip by she suggested "how about we talk at lunch? I hear there's lasgna today?" Even if it was for the sake of work, at least she'd be able to spend another hour with him today.
His face instantly lit up "oh heck yeah am I in!" They made to move to their next class as he heard his phone bleep, he scanned the text and murmmed "It's Ashely..."
The grin slowly slid off her face, "she says whether I'm having lunch with her?"
He looked questioningly up at her, caught between a guilty look but also a slight longing look. Unforutnately maybe not the same reason why Ximena had a disappointed look, though she desperately tried to hide it. Ximena quickly replied "Don't worry, she is your girlfriend! We'll just reschedule." He winked at her and quickly texted a yes back to her. He smiled warmly and said "Thanks for setting me up with her!" Ximena smiled weakly back at him, apparently she had a better poker face than she realised, and nervously laughed. He patted her on the head, like a owner to it's dog. Then walked off leaving Ximena feeling depressed. She breathed, to calm herself. She would not pine for him, after all he was taken.

She quickly walked past Amos to art, I mean who wanted to be late for Mr Miller? The last thing she needed was for 

Amos stared after her. "Did she look slightly distressed?" he thought.

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