The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


13. Suspicions

Ximena had put on a flattering ocean blue halterneck, with striped jeans, but subtle make up. She looked beautiful. When neither Amos or Rudy said anything Katie perked up "Hi Ximena! Wow! You look soooo pretty like proper amazing! Like totally Mastercard."

"Mastercard?" all three simultaneously asked. Katie rolled her eyes as if they were idiots.  

"Well like duh! Like it's so hot I'd like totally buy it." Amos looked at her funny. Why was she being like this? She was acting a little, how could he put it? Ditzy? But out of them all Katie was the least ditsy, she despised the stereotype that blondes were dumb and she acted out of it because of this. But tonight she was behaving like any other normal girl. Ximena raised her eyebrow "well that's kinda cool, and you look great too."

"really?" Katie pulled at the white Lacey dress "you don't think I overdressed? 'Cause I got this in like a sale and it was absolutely faboo and like..." It was Amos' turn to roll his eyes, he grinned down at her and slung his arm around her shoulders. "..and you look absolutely great in it." Katie glowed at the compliment and they were momentarily lost in each other's gaze, before Katie snapped out of it and reached over. Grabbing Ximena's hand she squeaked "Chop chop! Best get moving before we like miss out on all the cool rides!" Ximena lurched forward, surprised at the little girl's strength and the boys dutifully followed.

"Wow let's ride the tumbler!" Katie shrieked. Dragging the group they were hoisted up into the uncomfortably cheap chairs. "here let me do that for you." Rudy reached over and began fiddling with Ximena's seat belt. "No!" bellowed Katie. The others turned to stare at her. Katie blushed "I mean, no. Let me do that." And she swatted away Rudy's hand and began to do Ximena's belt herself. "Rudy is absolutely useless at things like this and, well, Ximena we wouldn't want you to fall out would we?"

Ximena raised an uncertain eye brow, before holding in a gasp "Yep okay! Well I think that's tight enough"  she bit out and with that she pulled Katie's hand away and began to loosen it so that she could actually breathe.

But even with the wild vigour of the ride, she couldn't quite shake the weirdness, that was Katie's behavior.

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