The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


9. Revelations

"What's so good?" 

"Huh?" Jacques waved a hand in front of Ximena. And snapped his fingers, snapping Ximena out of her dreamy state. "Oh nothing, I'm just in a good mood."

Jacques wiggled his eyebrows in a comical way, making her laugh. He grinned "But, seriously what's got you in such a good mood. Like you're practically glowing." 

"Hey what's up?" Ashley skipping towards them, her hair had been put into pigtails, and she was donning a a cream abercrombie fitch sweater, with a navy polka dotted regulation length skirt.  

"Um what happened Ashley?" asked Ximena and Jacques in synch. Ashley pulled a face and uncomfortably pulled at the sweater and muttered "Mom's gone nuts, turning into a total dictator. She thinks that what I was wearing this morning wasn't 'appropriate' for school. Hmph." Ximena drew her mind back and said aloud "Well, you do dress pretty outrageously." Ashley threw her a look, that made Ximena actually physically walk back, Ashley's eye roved over Ximena. Her eyes settling slightly longer on her face. Ximena backed up again."What?"

 "Well check you out then, what is this a mini skirt! I don't think I've ever seen you even wear a skirt!" Ashley's outburst was loud and sudden and Ximena blushed wildly, which was a fine contrast with the neon pink tank she was wearing. "Well....."

 Ashley strutted forward and demanded "Well who's the guy?" 

"What guy?" Ximena fiddled with her hair in an awkward manner. Her eyes glued to her Aztec patterned wedges. 

"The hair twirl! I know there's a guy come on tell me!" Ashley began bouncing up and down. And even without the crazy outfit, she was quickly drawing attention. Ximena quickly put her hands on Ashley's bouncing shoulders. "Sssshh! Look it's the guy I was talking to you about!" Ashley paused "Wait that guy?" A long pause seeped out, as both considered what each other had just said.

"WHAT GUY?!" exploded Jacques. "YOU like a GUY!" Unfortunately for Ximena, the reason for the explosion was rather out of glee than outrage. "I was beginning to think you were a nun in disguise."

"With that mini skirt? No chance? And that guy would be a Mr-" Ximena slammed her hand on Ashley's face. 

Rudy walked past and grinned before gesturing to Ashley's face. "Um, she..... swore, and thought one of the teachers were passing?" Ximena said in a confused tone.

Rudy just shrugged. "Hey so will I see you at 'Java Lava'?"

"Java Lava?"

"Yeah, that new coffee shop?  It's in the Plaza. So will I see you there at 2?"

"Sure, bye!" Ximena beamed. Ashley backed away her face a cross between disgust and excitement. Her hands flapped up and down, as if that would help her understand better. Before shoving her face close to hers and barking:

"You're into his BEST FRIEND?" 

Jacques' face screwed up whilst he mentally calculated who Ashley was talking about before his face joined hers and gasped "You're into Amos & RUDY?!"

Ximena, squeezed her eyes tight before slowly opening each one at a time. Their faces were still there. She grinned weakly and slightly sheepishly  muttered "Well that's an interesting revelation no?"

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