The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


10. Reactions

Amos POV

I looked up heaering the tinkering of the tiny bell. And I stiffened. What was SHE doing here? It was bad enough seeing her at school. What was she doing here. Next to me Rudy rised up to greet the group. Again I mentally asked "What are they doing here?"

Katie slapped me, and boy did that hurt. "OW!" Oh wait, crap I'd just said that aloud. 


Ruddy POV

Boy was I glad I invited her. The wind gently caused her to swing her hair, God she looked like a model. How  had I not noticed her before?

She strode in confidently, but her other two friends. With winced expressions they shuffled in, uncomfortable did not even begin to describe how they looked. Her seemed to light up when she spotted me. I did that to her, ME.

"What are THEY doing here?" muttered Amos. I didn't have to turn around to know that Katie had slapped him. I could actually hear it, poor boy. But on his defense he seemed to splutter, maybe he hadn't meant to say it out loud? Ximena raised an eyebrow. "hey.."


"So this is Java Lava? It's definitely cosy" indicating Katie perching on Amos. To their credit, they both blushed, and Katie hastily slid off. Ximena amused, laughed, and gently touched my arm. She touched my arm.  She touched my arm. She touc- Wait did I just say that? Since when did I become such a girl? 

"So are you going to the annual fair?"  Katie leaned forwar, eager to start a conversation. Ximena shurgged, "I don't usually go. Bit of a third wheel with these two love birds," Jacques and Ashely chuckled "Well Miss Sour pants, we do always invite you and you're NOT a third wheel." Turning her gazze "Maybe if we keep on repeating it, she'll finally get it in her head."

Ximena rolled her hands gently slapping Ashely in mock irritation. This was perfect timing, time for me to swoop. "So if you haven't got anyone to go with, you can come with me. Kinda similar situation, you know with THESE love birds."  Amos and Katie made to protest but Ximena cut in "I would love to go with you to the fair."

I smiled "Pick you up at 7, why don't you sit down?" 

Katie POV

Who was this new Ximena, who'd put on make up, who actually talked and was actually kind of cool and nice. Who was this girl that encaptured both Rudy and Amos' attention?  Who was this girl that kept RUDY's attention. I wanted to snarl when he casually rested an arm around her shoulders.

What was this? Urggghhh I hated it when I got jealous. Why did I need to feel like I needed to have everything? 

Well he is my friend, so I have a right to be jealous.

But he's JUST a friend, not some piece of meat whose fate should be decided by me.

I don't want her hurting my friend though. He actually seems to like her. Another slimy tendril of jealousy wrapped around my stomach.

Wait did i just get jealous over Rudy? That's it you're not his friend you have a crush on him.

No I don't, I have a wonderful and loyal boyfriend sitting next to me. Yes we've have only been properly dating for a couple of weeks. But either way I was pretty sure I loved him. So why did I feel this need to go over there and stake my right over Rudy.

Crush or no crush what are you really worried about, that's he not going to be a friend anymore. He'll still be your friend whether he has a girlfriend or not.

But a girlfriend will take up more of his time, and want to spend all my time with him.

Are you INSANE? Did you not just hear yourself. You sound like a married couple. And he is definitely off limits to you. Amos' best friend? Remember?

Yeah, which is why as his best friend's girlfriend I should warn him of any females I think that might hurt him. For example this Ximenam I mean she could be a serial killer for all we know. Before now she's never seemed to talk.

Hold up Ximena, a serial killer?

That's not what I meant.

I know what you meant  and this is wrong. Ximena hurt RUDY? Firstly Ximena wouldn't even hurt a fly not to mention a guy who SHE really likes. And another Rudy? Have feelings to be hurt? This girl was probably just another conquest for him, it's fine. And beside it wasn't like he hadn't been slapped before. And finally CASE CLOSED. No more Rudy and actually try to focus I think she just asked you a question, get to know her you might actually like her. 

Wait a moment. Jesus Christ I'm having an argument with myself. I really am going insane.

"Anyone more coffee?" I asked.

Amos stood up "No honey, I'll get it. Hey Ashely your cup looks like it needs a top up. Come with me?" 

Ashely obliged. Why was she getting up. Doesn't she know he's my boyfriend? She should keep her claws to herself. Oh wait there I go again.

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