The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


1. Prologue

Running out into the field two children, a boy and a girl grinned at each other. "Race you?" Amos yelled. Ximena was already running. Her hair flowing behind like a black river beckoning for him to follow. With his brute speed, he soon caught up with her.   Amos suddenly fell over and yelled out,  Ximena looked over her shoulder and gasped. She quickly scampered over to him, and asked "are you okay?" His head was buried into the ground, he glanced up grinning and winking before pulling her down next to him. She gave out a squeal then; was lying beside him. They turned their heads to him and took every inch of each other's face. 
Her long dark hair, that was almost black.
His rougish smile.
And his gelled blonde hair now lightly coated with dust.
The dust on each of her eyelashes.

"Amos, let's stay like this forever."

He grinned back and said "best friends...."


She rolled over, picked herself up and dusted herself down. She proceeded to help him up, he held onto her hand, as he was heaved upwards. "You can let go Amos..."

"But I don't want to Ximena," his eyes still glimmering with a childish naive joy.

She laughed at this, then swinging their linked arms they walked back home.

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