The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


5. Jealousy

The sun beams pierced the clouds and bit at Ximena's hand, the rest of her body in the shade of Jacques huge body. It wasn't that he was large, it was just that he was tall and slightly muscled. In comparison, Ximena was like a tiny fairy to him as a giant. Her head rested on her right arm, her eyes observing Jacques silhouete. They were supposed to be studying. But neither spoke. They simply sat there admiring the surroundings comfortably. The noon was warm, the silence crystal like, she didn't feel like working. Just pure silence.

The trance was broken when a high pitched squeal came from out of nowhere! Well, rather it came from Ashely, and that it was rather shocking. Ximena visibly jumped, and Jacques almost slipped off the bench. Ashely stood in front of the pair grinning,  swinging her gorgeous strawberry hair over her shoulder. Tall, sharp defined features, athletic build, and arms on her hips, she looked like a warrior Ximena thought glumly. Ashley was a bubbly person as a general, but she was just so much. Her laugh was loud, her voice was loud, even the way she acted was loud. She seemed to radiate confidence. But even the most tolreant person got annoyed by her. Luckily tolerant was Ximena's middle name...she had to be. After all Ashley was her best friend.

Ashley came round the table and nimbly swung her legs over Jacques and wrapped her arms round his neck. Ximena winced as she went in for the kill. They stayed entangled for what must have been minutes. "I didn't know you were joining us Xi?" Ashely asked slightly breathlessly after a while.   Ximena slowly got up "I wasn't, just keeping Jacques company. I'll leave." Ashley pouted before turning to Jacques and slyly grinning. He grinned like an idiot and proceeded to kiss her. Ximena turned around and called out. "Jacques?"


"You've got a little lipstick on your cheek." Ximena turned away quickly, head held high, if just to keep the tears from running down her face.

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