The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


14. Confessions

However whilst all this occured on the far side of the fair, on the other a couple staggered towards the exit.

"Hahaha, you're so funny!" Ashley giggled, before snorting. Jacques raised his eyes to the heavens and silently begged "Why?"

"And you are so drunk!" Jacques replied. Ashley wriggled out from under his protective arm and pointed a finger at him and woozily said "NO! I just had a teeny tiny.... sip of the whisky. Ooooh I like that word. Whisky whisky whisky!"

"Yeah, no you're drunk!" And he once again tried to regain a firm grip on her. But reeled backwards, and automatically slammed into the back of  a sky blue chevy. Two cold hands appeared and hoisted her up. "Your hands are cold Ja-Jacques, "  hiccuped Ashley.                

"Hi Ash, it's actually Zoe. Zoe Lawson, you know from school." Ashley held up a single finger, he eyes lighting up before dimming again. "Nope! No I do not know you? Are we in the same year? Are we... I feel sleepy. Sle-" With that last word, Ashley passed out.

Zoe rolled her eyes and shooed Jacques "Hey Jack! Don't worry about her, I'll take her home."

"That's sweet but she's my girlfriend, I have to look after her," Jacques made a move to grab her, but Zoe pulled her away again "No. Don't worry, me and my boyfriend can take care. I know you've been looking forward to this for ages. It's all you talk about in English after all."

"well....are you sure?"

"Yes! Now go, go!" Jacques looked slightly uneasy, paused, before darting forward and quickly kissing Ashley on the fore head and dashing off. "Leo! Leo, get out here and help me with your step-sister!"

Leo Simons stepped out of the truck and gasped. "Ashley! Oh for god's sake! I swear even God's trying to out our relationship!"

Zoe rolled her eyes and motioned with her head to Ashley's legs. "She just passed out. She won't remember anything. Come on get her into the front." They hoisted her upwards and gently slid her into the front seat. "Well, now there isn't enough room for you."

"I know, I'll just sit in the back." Leo made to argue, but she put up a hand and said "Someone has to drive, and seeing as I'm only 16,  so that person will have to be you." Sighing Leo wrapped his arms around her waist and bent and kissed her. "Sometimes it sucks to be 18 you know?"

Zoe put on raised her eyebrow. "Fine! It doesn't suck, but really. You're way too nice, you know that?"

"No, I just happen to be very mature for my age. And you are way too irresponsible."

"Ohhh, am I a bad boy then. Do I deserve, punishment?" Zoe's eyes widened. What the? Oh wait, she thought as she spotted the humour playing around his lips.

"Oh stop that! You're step sister's just right there. Come on, I need to get back and study for a maths test." Now it was Leo's turn to roll his eyes and with that they left.

Stopping at Zoe's house Leo made to kiss her but instead she began undoing Ashley's belt. "What are you doing?"

"Well she can't stay at yours, seeing as your parents are in and will probably notice that their only daughter is as drunk as a skunk."

"Drunk as a skunk? Really?"

"Leo focus! Tell them that she's staying at a friends. You know because of the after party?"

"what after party?"

"Oh I don't know, the one that ends really really late, so late that she can't come home. Okay?" Lifting Ashley up they began to drag her to Zoe's house. Ashley murmured something. "what?" asked Zoe.  

"zzziii caaaannnneeeeee  ffanfnoo, find, oouuuaarrrt. abooooott Amossss,baaaaabbbbeeeee. bbbbbbbaaaabbbiiiieeee." Zoe almost dropped Ashley, and Leo quickly staggered under the weight. "What! Don't hurt her"

"Didn't you just hear what she just said."

"what? No, what did she just say."

"Well, um I think she just said Xi, can't find out about Amos baby?" After hearing that Leo almost dropped Ashley. "Amos has a baby!"

Zoe almost dropped Ashley and wrangled Leo's neck. "No! Ashley has Amos' baby."

"What! Where?"

Zoe stopped abruptly moving, jolting Leo to again almost drop Zoe, and seemingly into sense. "Oh my god. Ashley's pregnant." Ashley murmmed again. "I know you hate it when I swear but fuck!"

"Yep, oh shit!" Leo jolted and replied "This must be really bad if you're swearing."

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