The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


7. Comfort

Ximena fumbled with the key, glad that Rudy was there, but also mentally willing him to leave. She'd never had a guy in her house before, even if it was just to make sure she got home okay.

"Is your mum or dad home?"

She silently shook her head, they'd still be working. After a minute, Rudy gently prised the key from her hands and swiftly slotted it into the lock.

A cold chill blew past them as the door opened, she sighed. Her mum and dad had obviously forgotten to switch off the boiler. Their old boiler stopped working regularly if left on for too long. She shrugged off her coat and turned to thank Rudy. But he'd already come in, and was standing there his feet planted, and hands shoved into his pocket in a firm stance. She made to say something but he beat her to it, "No I'm staying here, till I'm sure you're okay." She made to argue, but decided against it and simply shurgged. She had to go fix the boiler. Picking up a torch she walked, he followed.

Climbing carefully down the old stairs, she felt her way to the boiler. Flicking on the torch she checked the meter, and began to twist some of the old vavles.

All of this Rudy observed from a corner, his eyes scanned Ximena. She was really pretty when you looked at her, her eyes were like exotic emerald gems. The torch cast a shadow over her face, accenting her sharp nose and her quick eyes. But even in the light her lips wer soft and caring. Yes, she was a really pretty girl.

Her hands moved instinctavely, she'd done this plenty of times before and she was done soon. She wiped her hands on her jeans and grinned at Rudy. "All done,"

Again when she walked, he followed. Her hands moved quickly and soon a pot of coffee was brewing and she was casually leaning against the counter. An awkward silence emerged between each other. They'd never really talked to each other. They didn't look at each other. It was unusal for Ximena to even talk to a guy beside Jacques.  It was even more weird that Rudy couldn't find something to say to a girl. What was it about Ximena that made him so uncomfortable?

"You know you can go, I mean I'm fine." 

He rubbed his palms together partly because it was cold partly and because it was now so obvious the awkwardness. But when he looked at her, her eyes pierced him and he found himself saying. "No, I'd like to stay and chat." 

She smiled at him holding his gaze till he looked down. "So........ um do you have any sisters and brothers?" 

"Yeah I have a younger sister called Izzy,"

"Tell me about her,"

He grinned "She's 15 years old, got my red hair. You might have noticed her. She's feisty. She's like a real firecracker."

" Wait you mean Isabelle Everton? It seems she's got your rebellious side if what I've heard is correct."

His eyes widened and asked in a hostile voice "What have you heard?"

"Just that she pulls the best pranks ever! Is it true what she did to Mr Russell's chair?"

 He grinned at her "Yep, that's my little sis," Ximena laughed and poured a cup of coffee and sat down next to him. "So she filled his chair with mashed potatoes, and Mr Russell only noticed after. Tell me more."

"Well I'm sure you  heard but she also..." They chatted and laughed like that deep into the night. He'd never known this side of Ximena, who wasn't shy and quiet. She was witty and intresting and open to talkling. And Rudy only left after what felt like an eternity. He'd never felt that close to someone.        

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