The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


4. Amos POV

Amos POV

Amos quickly exited his group to go to class. "Hi sweetie," a sweet lilted voice came from behind. He grinned tightly and turned "Hi beautiful," and he bent to kiss Katie. Katie was a perky shortish blonde who had tried to catch Amos' eye for months. He'd finally given in, firstly because her behavior was beginning to border stalkerish and secondly, as crazy as she was she was definitely a cute girl.  He bent to kiss her, although she seemed to want to do more. He pulled away, although it took all of his will to do so. She was a very good kisser. "Stop Katie, you do realize we're still in the corridor?" She pulled a smirk, and winked "Oh I definitely know," and before he could stop she had pulled him down till they were kissing again.
A couple minutes passed before Rudy walked up from behind and made gagging noises. Katie broke off their session to glare at him. "Oh grow up Rudy, just because you haven't got a girlfriend." Rudy tutted at her and smugly replied "Now don't frown like that, you'll mess up that pretty face of yours," before chucking her under the chin. She swatted his hand away, and muttered "Whatever." The retort was lost on Rudy who had spotted Zoe, his flirtatious gaze turned into the focused stare of a predator. "Today's my day" he murmured quietly. Amos patted him on the back and replied "Good luck, I got to get to class," he kissed Katie on the lips once more and dashing before the bell rang. Katie slapped Rudy on the back as hard as she could, as his attention snapped back to her she shouted as she ran off. "Haven't got her yet Rudy and never will!"
"OW," he barked,  he muttered "for someone so small she sure packs a punch." He rolled his eyes and made to court the lady of the day, and just for today.

Amos chuckled hearing the exchange between them. He had to agree with Katie though, Rudy may be the Casanova of the school but Zoe was the most unattainable girl in the county......maybe not that most unattainable. That spot was reserved for Ximena Underwood.

He sighed as Mr Drugglebomb began to reminisce about the good old days of war and justice. Whilst the class groaned mentally in unision, Amos wasn't listening he was in his own little world.  He was too busy thinking. Just thinking about Katie and Ruddy and peharps, he shouldn't have, but also about Ximena. The moment this morning had been fleeting but it was as if every second was there to analyse and break down. How had they come to this point? How far away did those days of running with Ximena had been?

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