The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


8. Aftermath

Isabelle Everton POV

I heard a door slam, and moaned mentally to myself. If it was my parents then they were bound to be drunk after one of their 'work parties', and thus would be REALLY  noisy! I sighed and turned over hoping to block out the creaks that were coming from the stairs. A slight pause of silence then my door's notoriously loud squeak errupted. And all I could think was please don't let that be Louise, or I'd thump her for scaring me. I felt a huge hand push back the huge mass of hair that covered my forehead, WTF. Only one person did that, as Rudy bent down to kiss me on the forehead, I caught his face in my hand and barked "Don't even think about it." Rudy shook my hand off and gave a good mannered chuckle. He was really nuts. "I thought you were sleeping."

"I was trying to, but with all three of you out the house I didn't really feel like it." Rudy stroked my face gently, and murmmed quietly "I'll come home sooner next time." Swatting his hands away I began my routine interrogation. Sometimes my brother was way too sentimental.

"Actually where were you? Breanna, Flora, Saskia, Kierra and....oh yeah Madeline called. They were wondering when their *ahem* little wuddy Ruddy would call them back."

Rudy considered this before grinned smugly, "I still got it." And pounded his fists against his chest in a mock impression King Kong. "Don't you dare wolf howl." He wolf howled, and he wolf howled really loudly into my ear. Shaking my head at the absurd boy that was almost 2 years older than me. I firmly asked "You're avoiding the question. Where were you?"    

He grinned sheepishly and said "Ximena's house."

"Wait Ximena, as in quiet Ximena that talks to no-one?"
"Hey that's not fair, she was pretty chatty tonight."
"I'm sure she was."
He grabbed one of my teddies and thumped  me gently over the head "NOT like that. She's actually pretty cool."

"Right." I muttered with my signature eye roll. Yeah that's right, I have a signature eye roll. Spotting that he lightly clipped me round the ear, I winced. "Yeah well, I think I might ask her out to the annual fair."

"You're going to take Ximena to the fair, of which you already invited Madeline, Kiera and whoever else seems to have fallen under your spell?"

"You know just as a friend." 

"Oh because you're SUCH great buddies after one night?"

He smiled a small smile "Yeah I think we could be good friends." 

"Go to bed, you're dellusional. Ximena is famous for being unapproachable."

"Watch me," he made to walk away but he quickly said "You know, I actually really like her,"

"Whatever lover boy" and with that I dismissed him by rolling over. Ximena and Ruddy? Yeah right, like THAT was ever going to happen.

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