The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


11. Abortion

"What the hell are you doing here?!" hissed Amos. Ashley kept her head down and murmured "Ximena really wanted to hang out with Rudy."

"Yeah, but our agreement was no contact until you had the abortion." His voice shook when he said 'abortion'. Several people turned around overhearing. Ashley whipped her head around and smiled acknowledging the people. Before turning and hissing "Do you want everyone to know I'm pregnant? No wait do you want everyone to know IT'S YOUR BABY?!" Her voice had risen at the end and he fought the urge to slap his hand over mouth. He furiously sshhed her. "Fine! Have you told your parents?"

"NO! Why would I do that! I don't exactly feel like giving my Dad a heart attack"

"Well then who's paying?"

"Probably the health insurance, but my uni fund if something goes wrong." All this was said with a bitter tone. She scowled, "is that cinnamon?" 

Amos inhaled deeply, "yep I think they're adding it to those mochas."

"Urrggghhh I don't care, I'm going to be sick!"

Amos frowned "I don't particularly like it but you know-"

"no I mean I AM going to be sick." barked Ashley, her face more pale than usual. Amos himself turned a shade paler, and pointed "toilets are over there."

Ashley threw one last look of disgust over her shoulder before she hurled herself into the toilets. Amos stood awkwardly in the queue, thinking over what had just happened.

He hadn't meant to get her pregnant, actually he hadn't even meant to do it AT all with her! He'd just been pissed off with Rudy for bailing on him AGAIN! His text had been vague, but it didn't take a genius to realize that Rudy was yet again serenading another girl into his bed. That'd been the fifth time he'd cancelled. And of all the times, this was when he needed him the most. He needed his back-up back up to go talk to Ximena. 

He'd desperately wanted to back out, but if he put it off. He knew he would just keep putting it off. He must have stood at that door for an hour, taking another deep swallow of his liquid courage. He'd raised his arm to knock before a brash voice cut through.

"Hey want to lend me some of that?" Ashley sauntered up to him, her hips swinging. Snatching the hip flask off him she took a huge swig. She winced with it's strength before steadying herself on the stone wall. She swayed slightly, she'd already been drinking. "Hello Ashley."

Her head lolled, before snapping up "am I not pretty?"

Amos shuffled uncomfortably, what was the usual procedure in these situations? He finally settled  with saying "you're hot." She grinned before collapsing against his chest. She giggled hysterically into his chest. "You're funny!" 

Amos shook his head exasperated, although he wasn't probably any more clear headed than her. "I didn't say anything funny."

He could feel her shaking silently, he gently prised off his chest to see that she wasn't actually laughing but crying. "What's wrong?"

"Why doesn't my boyfriend want me? Why doesn't he want to have sex with me? Why?"

She kept on moaning wildly. Amos wanted to run from this shrieking girl. He had only his sister for such situations and she was currently halfway across the world. He suddenly realized she wasn't crying anymore. She was instead staring at him. She whispered "Would you have sex with me?"

Amos stiffened. No girl had ever been that outright, and although he wasn't a virgin the idea of sex with a girl, especially a drunk one made him feel distressed. "Uhhhh..."

She slowly raised her fingers to stroke his lips she whispered "You're lips are really soft, no wonder every girl wants you." 

Did she mean that even Ximena liked him?

His thoughts were suddenly distracted when she pulled his head down to hers. She clumsily smashed her lips into hers. Tongues missed and they must have looked like slobbering dogs. He tried to pull away, but really the girl had a iron grip. He finally relented. Why not? She dragged him into his house and one thing led to another. The finality of the door slamming had finally made him realize what he had. The whole time he could only keep thinking he has a girlfriend. He has a crush on Ximena. He has a girlfriend. He has a crush on Ximena. But despite all these words, he just kept going. The alcohol, the sweat, the adrenaline made him high with desire. And still all he could think was he has a girlfriend. He has a crush on Ximena. His actions meant nothing, his desire not for Ashley, but for simple satisfaction.

And as he lay beside Ashley after the deed, the first words came to mind were "Dear god help me." Katie was a christian. Bloody hell he had just cheated on a god-worshiping and abiding christian. What was wrong with him?

He'd quietly shuffled out the house, not even bothering to do up his jeans. He ran all the way home, and spent the rest of his night pacing.

He'd been approached by Ashley weeks later, teary and hair wild she'd blurted it out. "I'm pregnant."

He'd instantaneously asked why she was telling him. But remembering the conversation they'd had before had sent him reeling. He stumbled onto his lockers, his eyes on anything but Ashley. "You keeping it?"

She stared at him incredulously "I have a life too, and this baby will only ruin it." He finally straightened up, she stared at him half willing him to say she didn't have to have an abortion, that he'd stand for her. And the other half willing him to agree with her. But his words were neither of these, his voice was cold and unemotional. "Then why did you tell me?" And with that he slammed his locker and walking away from her. He regretted that and later had stopped by, his voice more humane. His approach more robotic, but perhaps less cold? They'd agreed not to EVER talk of what had occurred, and most importantly no contact till the abortion had occurred.

Amos remembered all this. And when Ashley walked out, he could almost see the alternative. Wearing a catalogue maternity dress with a bulge underneath that was his son or daughter, him on her arm. And rather than the pale shaking face, she'd be glowing with pride. Shaking himself he quickly returned to speaking in his detached manner. "If you need money, I can pay for some of it." 

Ashley murmured quietly, obviously being sick had calmed her, a quick thanks before saying in a chilly tone "But that won't be necessary." The cashier called out their order, grabbing the coffees she marched back to their oblivious friends.

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