The Yellow Hippo

Romance is in the air at St Francis' School. And it seems to be arousing desires from several particular students.


3. 5 years ago

Ximena cradled her head in her hands. Tears poured down her face, what was she going to do? She heard a plate smash follow by another torrent of screams and shouts of abuse. She could almost feel the house shake with the atmosphere of anger and bitterness that seemed to pulse within it. Her whole body  shook as she went to pick up her mobile.  She texted him quickly and efficiently despite her hands shaking.  "I need you" she paused before adding "now."  She pressed the send button firmly. Her breath came in shallow gasps. Her face covered with tear marks , that had previously been wet with fresh salty tear drops. She stumbled to the bed, and collapsed. She sighed heavily, as if texting him had left her completely exhausted. She closed her eyes gently, wanting only sleep and him. She was roused by a tiny beep. She read the text, "I'm already here." With that she heard the ringing of the door. Her parents too riled up to care kept on yelling, she climbed the stairs gingerly, her movements almost jerky. She slowly and precisely sled back the lock. Amos stood outside on the worn out welcome mat, hair mussed up as if he had been sleeping. His body quivered from the cold, he wasn't even wearing a jacket. But despite this, his eyes were alive with energy similar to those of someone who had just run a marathon. He held out a hand, and asked "Want to get out of here?"   

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