What Do I Do

Olivia has had a wonderful childhood, but when she finds out she has to marry somone she dose not want to, find true love and sees something she shouldnt have seen. will her life get turned upside down jus by one hand shake? harry belives that she is meant for him and only him,


5. 5

Olivia’s POV

It has been around three months since the night I found out I was getting married. Leo is sitiing right next to me but I’m texting Harry.

“Hey beautiful? How is the wedding planning?” I could see the smirked on his face.

“Horrible, I would rather do all this planning with you.” I replied.

“Hey, I have to go but I love ya, see you soon, like twenty min right?” I was about to reply when Leo spoke.

“who are you texting? And why aren’t you helping me with OUR wedding?” he snapped. I was home alone with him. We are having a ball to welcome me into their family. And he decided to come over and plan the wedding. Gross.

“Well considering only one of us will enjoy it.” I said coldly to him, while replying ‘ok’ to Harry.

“Don’t you use that kind of tone with me!” and when he said that he slapped me. Like a mother punishing her child.” And face it, you love me.” He said. As cupped my cheek, it hurt.

“Ya sure, let’s go with that, whatever helps you sleep at night, ‘dear’.” I hissed.

“I know one thing to help me sleep at night.” He said pulling me into a hug. I tried to push aaway but it didn’t work.

“Leo, no. I’m not ready!” I yelped.

“Like I care, your mine.” He said, wickedly.

“I will never be yours!!” I screamed at him.

“Wanna bet?” he snickered. And with that he was on top of me on the floor. He is way strong. He pinned my hands above my head. He started to kiss my neck.

“Get off of me Leo!!!!!” I yelled. He just laughed... I feel like tonight won’t be so good.

Harry’s POV

I’m in front of Olivia’s door. I hear her telling Leo no, and how she will never be his. Then it sounded like something hit the floor. I rang the doorbell. Nothing.

“Get off of me Leo!!!!!” I heard Olivia yell. My blood started to boil. I kicked down the door. Not such a good idea. My foot was killing me. I saw Leo on top of Olivia. I guess he was to caught up in the moment he didn’t notice me, or the door breaking down.

“Harry help me!” Olivia cried. Only then did Leo look up.

“Go away lover boy, this doesn’t concern you...” Leo looked evil. From the times I met him I kinda thought he was, gay.

“This does concern me, I love her!” I growled.

“Well, she loves me. And I love her. That is why are getting married.” He said, ya right.

“I don’t love you! I use to think of you as my best friend! I never knew you liked me, and if I did I would of stayed away from you! I hate you! I really don’t want to get married to you!!” Olivia yelled while kneeing Leo in a. special. Place. Leo jumped off of her and kneeled in pain. Olivia jumped up, grabbed my hand and we left Leo and what is left of his manhood there.

“Your mine! Your parents sold you to me! I will get what we paid for you slut!” Leo called after us. What?

“Olivia, don’t listen to him.” I said, she looked tense. She stopped and tured around, we were only inches, centimeters apart.

“Harry let’s just go to our flat.” She said, she looked like she about to break down.

“Yes Ma’am” I saluted. She giggled. In the frigid December air, Olivia was only wearing sweats and a tank top, and neon colored socks. Her hair was up in a messy bun. She looked so cute. She shivered. Be a manly man I took off my coat and put it on Olivia. She was about to continue to walk but I grabbed her hand and pulled her into me, I kissed her deeply. 

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