What Do I Do

Olivia has had a wonderful childhood, but when she finds out she has to marry somone she dose not want to, find true love and sees something she shouldnt have seen. will her life get turned upside down jus by one hand shake? harry belives that she is meant for him and only him,


3. 3

Olivia’s POV

Today felt magical. I told lance all about it, about running into Harry, him calling me beautiful. Of course Lance went into big brother mode and threatened him. I couldn’t help but laugh. My mom called Lance and I downstairs for dinner I assume. We trudged downstairs, my mom and dad were standing side by side. Stern looks on their faces.

“What? Did I do something?” I asked. I try to recall of the bad things I have done... nope. I should be clear.

“No, but we need, or well you HAVE to do something for us.” My mom said, she looked like she was about to cry.

“What?” ok now I’m scared.

“Well when you were ten we made a deal with Leo’s family.” My dad said, Leo is like my best friend. He always liked me but I never liked him like that.

“What deal?” I said.

“Well we got you to sign a contract saying you will marry your prince.” I remembered that day. The Harry popped into my head. Slowly the pieces were fitting together.

“I HAVE TO MARRY LEO?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” I shouted not caring at all what they would say.

“Honey calm down, and yes. He is good for you. We are pulling you out of college and putting you in high school. Leo is wealthy so you don’t need a job, we love you and did this for the best.” My mom said calmly.

“CALM DOWN? CALM DOWN? I WLL NOT CALM DOWN! I FINALLYMET SOMEONE WHO I MIGHT LOVE AND NOW IM FORCED INTO A MARRIAGE WITH MY BEST FRIEND?!?!” I yelled. My mom tried to comfort me. “NO DON’T TOUCH ME!” I snapped. I took a breathe and looked at their faces. I couldn’t, I was disgusted. I took my coat that was on my counter, which had my debit card and phone, and ran out of the house ignoring my name being yelled.



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