What Do I Do

Olivia has had a wonderful childhood, but when she finds out she has to marry somone she dose not want to, find true love and sees something she shouldnt have seen. will her life get turned upside down jus by one hand shake? harry belives that she is meant for him and only him,


2. 2

“Hey! Watch were you’re going!” I yelled before he could say anything.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” His British accent rang through my One Direction part of my brain. I look up and see piercing green eyes through sun glasses. I could have sworn I saw a twinkle in his eyes. He was wearing a hoddie so his oh so famous curls would be hidden. I just stared at him, wow all I can do when I see my idol.

“Um are you okay?” he asked snapping me out of his trance.

“Um y-ya I’m f-fine. You. Are. Oh my glob.” That’s all I can say?

Harry’s POV

After the interview I decided to get some coffee by the collage. But when I was walking with my extremely hot coffee I bumped into a girl an my coffee exploded on her, and her white shorts. I looked up and looked at her. She was beautiful, but the she spoke.

“Hey! Watch were your going!” she yelled,.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” I said. I mean come on, I spilled my hot coffee on this poor girls whit shorts. She just then she stared into my eyes through my sunglasses. I swear I saw something, like glitter. That has to hurt. She looked into my eyes, she stared at me. Shit she knew who I was.

“Um are you okay?” I asked. She seemed dazed when I asked her.

“Um y-ya I’m f-fine. You. Are. Oh my glob.” She is about to fan-girl. I can see it now. As if she read my thoughts she spoke,

“I won’t fan-girl, I’m sorry, hello I’m Olivia” She stuck out her hand for me to shake it, I gently grab her hand, when our hands touched, k could see our future, well like a vision, me and her are running around an open field running hand in hand with a little girl who looks to be about five, then I hit reality.


“I’m Harr-“ I was cut off by the women I think I want, need to be mine.

“I already know, duh.” She said in between giggles. Her laugh was hypnotizing, I could hear her laugh for the rest of my life.

“Well Harry, I will see you later..” she said, a little quiet but I heard her.

“What do you mean?” I asked, I hope to see her again, she was my everything. What am I talking about? I just met her!!

“I will see you at school. It’s my first day to.” She clarified.

“You look a little young to go to college.” I smirked.

Olivia’s POV

I honestly think I fell in love with Harry, I think I saw the future of us. When I touched his hand to shake it, I felt bombs going off, he tried to introduce himself, but I already knew him who didn’t! I giggled, when I did I noticed his smile got bigger. His dimples looked like canyons. I told him I would see him later, well mumbled, he questioned me ha, I guess he heard me.

“I will see you at school. It’s my first day too.” I clarified.

“You look a little young to go to college.” He smirked.

“Well true, but I graduated early.” I giggled.

“Well, Olivia, would you do me the honors, walk to school with me?” He stated.

What? Am I dreaming? I decided to play a little, trick on Harry.

“Like o.m.g THE Harry Styles want to walk ME too school?!” I half way yelled.

“Hey you promised you wouldn’t fan-girl.” He smirked.

“Well, so? And why would you want to walk me to school?” I asked changing the subject.

“Well a hot guy like me needs to stroll into a new school with a beautiful woman right?” He smiled. His eyes were glowing. I looked down and blushed.

“Um ya I guess so.” I said still looking down.

“So you calling me hot?” he asked, playing around.

“You calling me beautiful?” I retorted his question.

“Yup” he said popping the ‘p’

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