What Do I Do

Olivia has had a wonderful childhood, but when she finds out she has to marry somone she dose not want to, find true love and sees something she shouldnt have seen. will her life get turned upside down jus by one hand shake? harry belives that she is meant for him and only him,


12. 12

Harry’s POV

Olivia wanted to walk to school today. I really didn’t want her to because it could be dangerous, I offered to go with her but she said no. It was fourth period and still no sign of her. My phone went off, I knew it was her but I couldn’t answer it because I would get into deep shit with both the school and management. After it stopped vibrateing it signaled I had a voicemail. After class was lunch so I decided to hear it then.

I got to court yard and found the boys with a girl sitting next to Niall. I sat down and took out my phone.

“Hey mate, where is Olivia?” Louis asked.

“I don’t know, she called and left a voicemail.” I told him.

“Well listen to is, put it on speaker.” He said excited. I nodded in agreement. I looked over to the mystery girl and raised an eyebrow.

“Oh this is Jordan.” Niall announced. I nodded.

I took out my phone and played the message.

“Harry, I’m in BIG trouble. I need your help!!!! If I don’t see you, I just want you to know I love you. I will die happy. Shit, I will call back if I can, he is closeing in on me. I love you Mr.Styles.” my face went completely pale. So did everyones else.

“Wa-was that Olivia?” Jordan asked.

I slowly nodded. What the hell happened. Is she ok? is she in trouble?






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